Japanese, uh Fever, wtf?

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Double Fist Instant Orgasm

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I guess that’s why….

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Stunt cock?

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Machine fucked by a skeleton. What more is there to say?

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Milked dry… to death! (Part 1)

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Claire Hasumi overwhelmed by army of zombies

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(˼●̙̂ ̟ ̟̎ ̟ ̘●̂˻) Happy Halloweens!! Creepy vengeful ghost gangbang

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Gonna test the strength of my new coat hangers.

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Now you CAN’T see!

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I’ll up your finger in cock with a vibrator in cock…

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Shit dick.

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“You’re NOT supposed to put your… Damn it!”

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4:40 wtf, are they genital warts?

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She think that it’s more healthy to smoke like this

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Cum-mical Peel.

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Drop that robe

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Allison Pill

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Muscled God Endures Extreme Torment

Like a greek statue chiseled from marble, Alex Mecum stands tall, his muscles glistening with sweat as he awaits the…

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Brian starts against the wall, his cock already bulging out of his underwear before Sebastian tears them away. He starts…

Bringing Back Some of Our Favorites!: The Indestructible Derek Pain

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Tyler Rush – Beaten, Relentlessly Fucked and Made to Cum

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Straight Hunk – Solid Muscle – Mercilessly Beaten and Made to Cum

THE WALL – After stripping out of his clothes, Jordan stands exposed against the wall as Sebastian quickly and skillfully…

The Destruction of Max Cameron

THE WALL – Chains hold Max against a wall while hard hands grip his balls, and batter his body. The…

Cody Winter Discovers New Torments and Lets out His Inner Painslut

THE CHAIR – Cody is secured to a wooden chair before Van beats his tight body. Cody’s screams echo across…

Alexander Gustavo Withstands Insane Levels of Torment

THE WALL – Alexander is chained against a wall with his arms cuffed to his thighs while receiving an onslaught…

New Sub Joshua James Faces Brutal Challenges Head On

THE WALL- Joshua James is chained to the wall while still feeling fairly confident. That is, until the crop and…

Tryp Bates Struggles Against Excruciating Pain and Water Torment

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No Mercy for Jackson Fillmore: Beaten, Electrified, Humiliated & Fucked

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Extreme Water Torment and Bad-Dragon Dildo

Seamus is suspended over a tire and his body is covered with clothespins. Seamus feels the clothespins pinch against his…

Straight Southern Boy Endures a Hard Beating & Humiliating Ass Fuck

30 Minutes of Torment returns in full sadistic flourish with straight stud Zane Anders. THE WALL: Locking Zane to the…

A Bodybuilder’s Worst Nightmare

The Pit – Muscled body builder Tatum gets his cock hard before his first challenge can commence. He’s beaten down…

The Destruction of Dylan Knight

The Chair – Boy next door, Dylan Knight awaits his first challenge as Van binds him tight to the chair….

House Dom Christian Wilde takes the ultimate challenge!

This is a very special update. Our house dom takes the ultimate challenge. The Wall – Christian Wilde is chained…

My Life Changing Experience on 30 Minutes of Torment – Sebastian Keys

After several excruciating months of planning this shoot, the day had finally come when I would put myself through 30…

House Dom Connor Maguire – Extreme Torment and Ass Violation

House Dom Connor Maguire finally steps up to the 30 Minutes of Torment challenge. The Bamboo Garden – Connor starts…

Stud with a 10 inch fat cock gets torment to the extreme

Straight, East coast, stud Jay Rising begins his test in The Pit where Van works over all 10 inches of…

Joseph Rough – The stud can really take it!

The Wall – Hot pain slut, Joseph Rough thinks he has what it takes to surpass the challenge that 30…

Alex Adams endures the cock, balls and ass torment

The Wall – Hands chained to the wall, Alex Adams is ready for the challenge in store for him. Van…

30MT Live Show with Doug Acre

– The Pit – 30 Minutes of Torment is proud to present it’s very first live show featuring Doug Acre….

Cock and Hole Torment

Liam Harkmoore undresses himself as Van begins binding his arms and legs, shoving a dildo on a stick up the…

Seth Santoro – Beaten, Fucked and Beaten again

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Super Hunk Adam Ramzi – Tormented and Ass Violated

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Cameron Kincade’s Excruciating Ass Challenge

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Bi jock with no BDSM experience gets tormented to the extreme

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Latin hunk Diego Vena brand new to BDSM

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Straight Kickboxer gets dunked while shooting his load

The Wall – Muscled hunk Rob Yaeger starts off his first challenge hands and feet chained to the wall with…

Bi Gymnast Takes the 30MT Challenge!

The Pit – Hot bi stud Scott Harbor is pretty brand new to BDSM, but this pain slut is eager…

Straight stud gets his ass tormented by a cock for the very first time

The Chair- Bi stud Reed Jameson thinks he has what it takes to handle 30 Minutes of Torment, so he…

Head Buzzed, Ass Stretched and Water Tormented to The Extreme

The Pit – Straight hunk Patrick Knight starts his first challenge in the pit, his hands bound above his head…

Straight stud John Smith gets beaten, choked and made to cum

The Wall – Straight hunk John Smith is chained to the wall, his jock removed as Van begins the torment….

Jacob Durham gets oiled down, beaten, and fucked like an animal

The Pit – Muscled stud Jacob Durham begins his first challenge in the pit, his arms bound behind his back…

Muscled stud Brock Avery Tormented and Fucked

The Wall – Muscled hunk Brock Avery begins his challenge with his hands and feet chained to the wall as…

Branden Forrest and the excruciating ass station challenge

The Wall – Branden Forrest strips down to his jock as his hands and feet are chained to the wall….

Straight hunk Jimmy Bullet pushes his limits to the max!

Padded Cell – Straight stud Jimmy Bullet thinks he’s ready for the test that 30MT has in store for him….

Muscled God Robert Axel takes the challenge!

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One of the most intense 30MT to date!

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House dom Trenton Ducati finally gets what he deserves

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Ass Torture

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Damien Moreau takes the ultimate challenge and begs for more!

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Only One way to Find Out: Step-Daughter Anally Trained By Busty Step-Mother

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Anal Bitch

Small Hands does yard work for Abella Danger’s big rich ass and he’s sick of her attitude so something sinister…

Lesbian Femdom Role Switch Leaves Both Women Begging For More

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Young, Natural Rookie put it all on the line in competitive wrestling

Bobbi Dylan is a really cute girl next door kinda girl. She’s all natural, with minimal tattoos a bubbly personality…

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