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Sophia Sweet in DP Fantasy

Dear diary, today I went for a workout, little did I know it would be a harder & hotter one then usual. Basically, two hot guys were having a private training session, I was aching to be a part of! All I want these two studs, Kair Bailey & Coach Cardher, to do is fulfill my most nasty fantasies, use me & shoot a hot batch of cum all over my face! I think I’ll dream that they are both here with me now, and play with myself! OMG dream fantasies do cum true, both of these guys are here with me now… what just happened? OMG there is cum all over my face! Wait, what?

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Jemma Jensen in Sex or Lame Friends?

So Colby Jansen was making plans to go play with his friends but I have a much better idea. I decided to lie here on the bed looking sexy, seductive & delicious in my fishnet stocking & tight red dress, making it pretty clear, what I wanted! Basically, Colby needs to tell his friends to go fuck off cause I need his cock now! So I gave Colby “the look” & he knew right away what time it was. Colby immediately tossed his phone aside, jumped right in & started feasting on my hot pussy. I rewarded Colby’s hard work with a fantastic blow job culminating into the best sex of his life. Now you tell me, going out to play with your lame ass friends, our a hour in the sac with me! Cum on, we both know the answer!

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Brooklyn Gray: A Pup Named Bubbles

Brooklyn is a kinky little slut who has lots of different fetishes.
Today she asked if we could do some animal play and all of us thought it was a great idea! She showed up with a dog collar on so it was pretty clear what she wanted. Tommy leads his new pet on to set and walks her around allowing her to acclimate to her surroundings. He controls her with a large chain around her neck and within minutes the two of them are getting along just fine. Tommy decides to name her Bubbles and gives her a toy to chew on. Can you guess what it is? She follows him around and is very obedient so it’s time to find out what other tricks this pup can do.
Brooklyn stays in character the entire day but Tommy has other ideas for his new pet which
includes lots of hardcore pussy fucking, throat fucking and domination. Pup or not, Brooklyn is going to be put through the paces and if Tommy isn’t pleased with her performance then it’s back to the pound for this one. She is caned, flogged, spanked and keeps that smile on her face the
entire time proving that she is in this for the long haul. Woof!

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Abril Jonnes: Tied and Fucked In Colombia

Abril Jones lives a kinky life in the Latin American land of Colombia where Logan Salamanca dominates her and she sucks his cock. Then sexy Abril walks around the house in high heels and gets fucked hard by Logan in several positions that show off Abril’s hot body. Once tied up she is fucked and taken to the limit of her pleasures with endless orgasms.

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Teach me the Rules

Lou Lou sneaks in another student from the all-boys school for some filthy fucking but then gets caught by Miss Bardot who pulls out her cane out and gives her a good spanking before proceeding to pull off Lou Lou’s skimpy knickers and turning this into an insane threesome that is sure to have you squirting with excitement!

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Halle Hayes in Rev Up My Pussy

So what kind of car do you drive? There’s something about a hot car that makes a hot girl like me so horny. Standing here next to this car is making me hot & horny right now. I can just imagine you driving your hard, Big Mac cock right into my little garage over & over again. I’m pulling out my white dildo so I can pretend you’re here with me doing just that.

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Library Lessons In How To Please

Dressed in their skimpy uniforms, two misbehaving students sneak into Matron’s office to fool around. They get caught by the teacher, Miss Judge, who decides to teach the girls a hard lesson in how to please…with a big fat dildo and a strap-on in this outrageously depraved girl on girl threesome!

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College Boy Gets Caught Peeping

Strict Matron catches the horny little peeping-Tom from the all-boys school next door and shows him some hardcore disciplinary action! Things get even more out of hand when Miss Judge arrives with her own delinquent student Lady Dee. Both students are taught a lesson in dildo pussy pounding, deep fisting and pure hardcore foursome fucking!

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Fucked and Bound: Marilyn Johnson and Codey Steele

Marilyn Johnson begins her day on her knees like a good whore is supposed to. Leather belts are added to restrain her. Codey Steele enters the room. He inspects her body including all her holes and begins throat-fucking her. He eventually lays her on her back and finger-bangs her pussy until she explodes with orgasms. Next, Marilyn is on her knees in doggy, positioned on a wooden box, with her hands pulled between her legs. This time Marilyn is subjected to corporal punishment. Codey uses a large wooden paddle and a flogger. He takes full advantage of her perfectly positioned pussy and delivers a serious fucking. Marilyn is put on her back with one leg pulled up in the air. Her hands are pulled above her head and her legs are tied open for full access to her pussy. He torments her cunt, vibes it, and fucks it into oblivion. In the final scene Marilyn has her arms in a box tie with her legs free. Codey throws her around like a rag-doll as he has his way. Marilyn is helpless to stop him and that’s just the way this whore likes it.

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Dee Williams in Hypnotic Sex

Hi there oh great my delivery, sure I’ll sign here, let me see… the screen on your smart phone is… oh my this screen is making me… making me… really fucking horning. All these weird shapes on your phone is putting me into a wild sex driven trance! All of a sudden I just started touching myself, feeling my big tits…then I grabbed Mookie Jordan, the delivery guy & brought this absolute stranger, right into my bed room! Then right away, I undid his zipper & started sucking his long, beautiful black cock! Much, much more interracial action followed until he shot his hot cum all over my asshole! What’s that? Oh I forgot to sign for the delivery, no problem, bye now! OMFG what just happened?!

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Keira Croft: Fucked and Punished in Bondage

Keira begins her journey in a standing position with her hands tied above her head. Her legs are kept apart with a spreader-bar. Tommy enters and begins to feel out the situation. Is she submissive? Is she a brat? Is she going to give it up, or is going to have to take it? All of these questions are answered quickly as he starts to punish this totally helpless slut. After some time tormenting her, he buries his cock deep inside of her slutty pussy and fucks her into her first of many orgasms. Next she is made to kneel in front of him and service his cock and balls. That’s her only job, and if she fails at this, her day will end right now. This cock-hungry slut has enough to prove her worth. We move on and get her tied into a suspension so that her holes are available and ready for Tommy’s cock. He fucks her throat and pussy, and issues some brutal spankings with a wooden paddle to her ass and thighs. Now that he has left his mark, he finishes her off with a few more orgasms. In the final scene, Tommy has Keira in a partial suspension with one of her legs tied up so that he has full access to her pussy. He fucks and vibes multiple orgasms form her pussy and then blows his load all over her face.

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Asphalt Island, Part 4: Ella Nova

In the final episode of Asphalt Island, Ella Nova just can’t take anymore. During her isolation, she grows desperate and hungry for sex after having been stranded with only her kinky fantasies. She builds herself a fucking machine out of garbage, and plays both top and bottom for our filthy eyes!

[**“Asphalt Island” SERIES MAIN PAGE**](/series/asphalt-island)

**All 4 episodes in this series:**
[Part 1: Cam Damage & Mike Panic](/shoot/102722)
[Part 2: Daisy Ducati and Ruckus](/shoot/102826)
[Part 3: Natalie Mars and Lance Hart](/shoot/102724)
[Part 4: Ella Nova](/shoot/102547)

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Khloe Kapri: Power-Fucked in Strict Bondage

Khloe Kapri is back! This time she’s getting fucked in brutal bondage by Johnny Castle. She sits, tied to a chair in the middle of a dungeon until her captor arrives. Johnny comes in and lays down the law. He punishes this slut for every infraction. He puts her to work sucking his cock, then overwhelms her with all of the stimulation she can handle. He grabs a flogger and inflicts much needed pain for this slut. She must understand that this will not be no walk in the park. Next, Khloe is put in a side-suspension that has all of her holes more than available for Johnny to do as he wants. He takes turns fucking her face and then her pussy as she is starts to break because of physical exhaustion. Johnny continues to throw her around like a rag-doll and fuck the hell out of her. Khloe responds with massive squirting orgasms like any good slut would. In the final scene, Khloe si bound in a doggy position using device bondage to secure her. Johnny goes back to work with the torment until she begs for more cock. He obliges her and power-fucks her pussy until he cums all over her ass.

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Dee Williams in U, Me & A Fucking Machine!

All dressed up & no where to go. I’m wearing this hot red outfit, with black stockings & black high heel shoes, but something came up & my lover can’t be here. It’s really a shame cause my pussy is so, so hungry. Let me tell you, I have been thinking about hard cock all day, I really need to get filled & fucked. I thought a simple phone call would take care of everything, but here we are, alone… But you know, this aint going to stop me from having a good time, I actually have something special, I got it a while back for xmas, to take care of me. It has a little box that controls a whole lot of pleasure & a big dildo that can fuck me. It’s all up to me, I know what my pussy needs, & I’m going to give her everything she wants! It’s time to use my fucking machine! Oh & don’t forget the wand!

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Victoria Voxxx: Fucked in Tight Bondage

Drooling on the floor from a ball-gag in her mouth, Victoria Voxxx stands naked, bound in rope. A spreader-bar is attached at both keeping her legs apart. Her arms are trapped behind her back, bound with rope which also wraps tightly around her tits, neck, and hair. She waits for Codey Steele, to use her as his own sexual play toy. Dressed in all black, Codey creeps up from behind her and rubs her clit. He slaps her tits and slaps her pussy, warming her up for his leather crop. She moans as he beats her pussy with the crop until her skin turns pink. She lifts her legs in the air each time the crop lands, suspending herself only by her neck. He switches to the flogger and whips her entire body hard, until she’s pink, and warm all over. This gets his dick hard and so he pulls it out and fucks her pussy from behind. In the next scene, Victoria is put in a full rope suspension on her side, with one leg in the air. Codey takes advantage of this vulnerable position and fucks her pussy some more. In the final scene, on her back, Victoria gets fucked with her legs stuck in the air until Codey cums all over her pussy.

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Peeping Stepdad Gets Fucked

Hadley is sunbathing in the backyard — and catches her stepdad jerking off while watching her. He expects her to be pissed but she has a surprise for him: she says his peeping turned her on and proceeds to suck his cock and fuck him in several positions. Stepdad Jimmy is thoroughly enjoying this turn of events, but there’s part 2 of the surprise. Hadley announces that she owns him now, and he’s her bitch unless he wants her to tell everyone he fucked his stepdaughter. She then amuses herself by spanking him, getting him done with blindfold and nipple clamps, and making him suck her strap-on dick. Finally, she pegs his ass hard as Jimmy realizes this humiliation will be a regular part of his life now.

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Andrea Grey in Stepson Fuck Time!

I came home today & heard moaning & sexual sounds coming from the living room. So, I stripped down to this white fishnet body suit cuz my tits look so lovely in them & I knew my stepson Quinton James was home alone today. So I sneaked out to the living room to see what was going on. Sure enough there he was, hard cock in hand, stroking himself to porn. Well, nothing beats the real thing. So I snuck up on him and surprised him by talking in his ear. It was awkward at first but as soon as he felt my lips around his cock, it was game on.

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Fresh Meat: Aften Opal Fucked in Tight Bondage

Aften is young, fit, and more than willing to be bound and fucked by Tommy Pistol. We begin with Aften bound to a wooden chair with tight rope bondage around her writs and ankles. Tommy enters and begins to explore her flesh, as well as her holes. He inflicts some pain with his hands before pushing her head down on his cock and making her swallow all of it. He goes back and forth between fucking her face and holding the vibe on her pussy, until she is completely wrecked. Next, Aften experiences her first ever rope suspension with her hands and feet pulled up and out of Tommy’s way. He begins by priming her pussy with the vibe again and squeezing out more orgasms. Now that this slut is ready, Tommy begins to inflict more brutality with a leather paddle on her ass and pussy. It’s time for fucking, so he buries his cock balls deep in her wet pussy. As he fucks her he continues to torment her with more hating and torment. Orgasms pour out of her pussy as she is used like a piece of meat. In the final scene, Tommy has Aften in a ball tie and helpless on the bed. He positions her in a way to service his cock before fucking her more. Once the fucking begins, he is on a mission to overwhelm her with non stop orgasms until he covers her ass with his big load of cum.

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Alura Jenson in Strapon For Sheridan

So Sheridan Love just bought a new toy and she has been dying to show me. Now here I am thinking it’s gonna be one of those cute little Rabbit vibrators. No. Sheridan whips out this strap-on dildo that’s as big as my forearm! Now, if that’s what Sheridan wants me to fuck her with then I am definitely game. I told her that I just didn’t want to hurt her pussy with this massive toy. She just laughed at me.

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Cadence Lux: Brutally Tormented and Fucked in Bondage

Cadence has been in dire need of some rough sex and bondage so we paired her up with Derrick Pierce to help remedy her dilemma. She begins locked in a metal device that keeps her in doggy position with her wrists and ankles locked into steel traps. Derrick is very methodical about dishing out the torment which allows Cadence to revel in the pain as it happens. Once he has gotten her to the proper shade of red, he pulls out his cock and goes to work fucking this slut. First her mouth, then her pussy and then back again. He continues using her holes as he wishes while still keeping her on the edge with torment. The next scene is on a bed but that doesn’t mean this is going to be nice and easy. Derrick throws her around like a rag doll as he has his way with her again and again. Nothing is off limits and he makes sure that all of the bases are covered. Cadence eagerly sucks Derrick’s hard cock as he warms her up with the Hitachi and then he pounds her slutty pussy until she is moaning and begging to cum. Cadence knew that she needed to be dominated but had no idea what she was in for when she showed up. To say that she got what she needed is an understatement.

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Tik Tok Cuck

Brad thinks his Tik Toks will make him a well-paid influencer, but girlfriend Vanessa knows his videos are lame and is sick and tired of supporting him. So when Brad invites his studly friend Dillon over to help him shoot, she wastes no time getting some cuckold revenge. Brad watches helplessly as Vanessa makes out with Dillon, sucks his big cock, and rides him cowgirl-style. But Vanessa is not content to just let her penniless boyfriend watch. She orders Brad to do some cock sucking, too, and he reluctantly agrees. He does get to taste some pussy, too, when Dillon alternates between fucking Vanessa and Brad’s face. Then, he resigns himself to a close-up view of Dillon’s balls as the couple fuck on top of him. Finally, Dillon shoots his load all over Brad’s face and Vanessa makes him eat the cum. His video shoot with his buddy clearly didn’t go as planned; Brad declares that next time, he’s just going to buy a tripod!

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GF Jasmine Jae use a poor skinny slave for their pleasure.

The sexy dominatrix Anna De Ville invites her partner in crime Jasmine Jae to take advantage of her submissive boy toy. Punishing him with a good whipping they then give him an unbelievably intense blow job and arse licking before both these strict babes mount him for a seriously rough-riding, wild threesome!

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Asphalt Island, Part 1: Cam Damage and Mike Panic

In Kink’s 4-part series, Asphalt Island, the beautiful Ella Nova is stranded on an asphalt island after a car crash, and not a single car will stop to help her. Trapped in a forgotten no-man’s land and slowly losing her grip on reality, she is left to fend for herself, surviving on food scraps and hot water collected in a hub cap. Ella escapes into feverish BDSM fantasies just to stay alive.

In Part 1, we find Cam Damage and Mike Panic. Cam is locked in stocks hanging from chains. Mike slaps Cam’s face and pulls Cam’s shorts all the way down. Cam is exposed, vulnerable, and fucking loves it. Mike thrusts his cock down Cam’s throat then slowly rubs the strings of spit all over Cam’s face. He crops the clothespin slowly and painfully, off Cam’s chest. Mike holds a vibrator on Cam’s throbbing clit while he slaps Cam’s thighs with a heavy stick. He knows the pain makes Cam come harder. Cam gets fucked deep and hard while Mike continues to play with the line between pain and pleasure until Cam is a cum puddle.

[**“Asphalt Island” SERIES MAIN PAGE**](/series/asphalt-island)

**All 4 episodes in this series:**
[Part 1: Cam Damage & Mike Panic](/shoot/102722)
Part 2: Daisy Ducati and Ruckus – COMING 00/00
Part 3: Natalie Mars and Lance Hart – COMING 00/00
Part 4: Ella Nova – COMING 00/00

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Penelope Kay: Fucked in Tight Bondage

Penelope Kay is the sweetest little thing when you meet her, but it doesn’t take long to figure out how slutty she really is. She gets tied to a cage with her legs spread wide and her arms bound in a matching manner. Codey Steele begins by reddening her flesh with a flogger, before testing out her blowjob abilities. Penelope is very eager to please her master. She is willing to tolerate anything to get his cock shoved back down her throat, even if it is electrical play. After Codey fuck-starts her head, he decides that he wants to see if her pussy can handle the same amount of fucking. Penelope is put on a wooden box with one leg up and the other tied down and out of the way. Her arms are pulled above her head, leaving her completely helpless. Codey walks in and shoves his cock balls-deep inside of this slut and fucks her hard. He fucks her pussy and mouth, and eventually commands a squirting orgasm out of her slutty pussy. In the final scene, Penelope is face-down and ass up, and bound with leather belts to ensure she stays put for what Codey has planned next. He power fucks her until she begs him to breed her, so he fills her little pussy up with a hot load of cum. She pushes is out and has it fed to her.

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Alura Jenson in Love with Halle Hayes

Today is my lucky fucking day! Halle Hayes is in the house! Just look at her there on her knees in the back of a car getting hotter by the second. Oh & I get to walk in on her, I’m so lucky, but you’re lucky too, you get to jerk off to this hot exclusive scene! Watch as we play with each other, sucking each other tits, touching each others bodies & have a ton of fun with this awesome vibrating wand! I have to be honest it was bit cold in the garage we were in, I’d like to take Halle someplace warm & put my tongue in her asshole!

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