Dee Williams in Hypnotic Sex

Hi there oh great my delivery, sure I’ll sign here, let me see… the screen on your smart phone is… oh my this screen is making me… making me… really fucking horning. All these weird shapes on your phone is putting me into a wild sex driven trance! All of a sudden I just started…

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Femm part 3

Even 2 weeks later, the fat slave still has not lost weight, so his training is now intensified in the forest and to the absolute surprise of the useless slave the mistress has also introduced her girlfriend. This training he will certainly never forget. Promotional media: p3-2022-05-30-5_full.png p3-2022-05-30-3_full.png p3-2022-05-30-4_full.png p3-2022-05-30-6_full.png p3-2022-05-30-2_full.png p3-2022-05-30-1_full.png

Good Little Fuck Pet

Mistress Mona Wales has Jimmy Broadway up on her table, ready for inspection. She pulls his head to the edge and teases his mouth with her big strap-on cock before fucking his face with it. Finally she sticks it in his mouth and has him show what a good little cock-sucker he is. After her…

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Femm part 1

The slave is too fat and had been ordered by the mistress to lose 5 kilos. To give effect to her request, he was locked in the Chastity. The key is only given again when he has lost weight. After control 2 weeks later, however, he has unfortunately added another 1 kilo. As punishment there…

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Muscular slave wanked

Serenya has her man slave tied up, gagged and ready to teach him a lesson, so she can enjoy her dirty business with him. First she’s gives him an ass whooping, than she starts to help him a hand. Promotional media: jk106311_full.png jk106321_full.png jk106331_full.png jk106318_full.png jk106322_full.png jk106319_full.png jk106325_full.png jk106323_full.png jk106336_full.png jk106307_full.png jk106328_full.png jk106356_full.png jk106310_full.png jk106344_full.png…

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Final punishment

Final genital punishment for this submissive guy after having his balls inflated with serum Promotional media: castigo_023_full.png castigo_022_full.png castigo_017_full.png castigo_001_full.png castigo_019_full.png castigo_009_full.png castigo_003_full.png castigo_015_full.png

Slavkin part 4

Actually, the female slave likes only men, so it is especially embarrassing for her to be sexually used by a woman, the divine Lady BlackDiamoond, and to have to serve as a living toilet. Promotional media: sklavin_der_herrin_001_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_011_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_021_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_003_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_019_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_008_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_027_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_013_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_006_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_015_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_007_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_026_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_009_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_016_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_004_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_005_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_024_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_002_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_014_full.png…

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Cybill Canes Marcelo

Marcelo waits patiently, attached to a cross, till the fearsome Cybill Troy walks in, cutting the air with her swishing cane. She strikes his bare ass and Marcelo flinches and accepts his fate. There is no escape from Mistress Cybill’s destruction of his bare ass. She hits him over and over again. His ass is…

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Slavkin part 3

Actually, the female slave likes only men, so it is especially embarrassing for her to be sexually used by a woman, the divine Lady BlackDiamond, and to have to serve as a living toilet. Promotional media: sklavin_der_herrin_012_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_006_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_010_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_005_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_013_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_001_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_004_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_023_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_017_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_015_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_009_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_014_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_007_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_026_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_002_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_025_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_003_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_019_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_022_full.png…

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LUCIA is being trained by her mistresses into a willing street whore. She behaves pretty clumsy and gets a fitting punishment. A good running workout with an anal plug and affixed sluts purse to finish with a sperm swallowing schooling. Duly spat and pissed on she gets tidied up by the ladies and is prepared…


Melany punished and corrected

Melany is sexually unsatisfied and has a deep-rooted fantasy of someone punishing and correcting hear, She wants it so bad her mistress Sarah Simons whipping her delicate ass, until it turns a little red, hoping Sarah takes it a step further. Promotional media: jk109638_full.png jk109622_full.png jk109631_full.png jk109640_full.png jk109620_full.png jk109639_full.png jk109672_full.png jk109656_full.png jk109644_full.png jk109670_full.png jk109668_full.png jk109637_full.png…

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Your Wife went to your office and Fucked Everybody, your boss, the other attorneys, the guys from accounting, all the guys at your office, even the cafeteria worker. Her panties are soaking wet with cum and YOU ARE GOING TO LICK IT ALL OUT OF HER PUSSY. AND YOU WILL FUCKING LIKE IT. You’re only…


Keira in a submissive flow

Keira Flow is a dirty babe who loves to be dominated by her master. She gets tied up, whipped and vibed until she cums. Promotional media: jk105577_full.png jk105569_full.png jk105670_full.png jk105686_full.png jk105676_full.png jk105688_full.png jk105692_full.png jk105568_full.png jk105671_full.png jk105678_full.png jk105674_full.png jk105677_full.png jk105691_full.png jk105683_full.png jk105699_full.png

Asphalt Island, Part 3: Natalie Mars and Lance Hart

Kink’s 4-part series, Asphalt Island, continues, with Ella Nova retreating into her fantasies…This weeks update finds Natalie Mars roped onto a fucking-machine for Lance Hart to use as he pleases. Creepy Lance Hart takes his sweet time savoring every minute of her torment! Featuring bondage, anal sex, blowjobs, ball-busting, nipple clamps, corporal, hot wax, electricity,…

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Slavkin part 2

Actually, the female slave likes only men, so it is especially embarrassing for her to be sexually used by a woman, the divine Lady BlackDiamoond, and to have to serve as a living toilet. Promotional media: sklavin_der_herrin_004_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_008_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_022_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_014_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_020_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_006_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_015_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_024_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_012_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_009_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_007_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_001_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_016_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_005_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_023_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_026_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_027_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_002_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_013_full.png…

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Slavkin part 1

Actually, the female slave likes only men, so it is especially embarrassing for her to be sexually used by a woman, the divine Lady BlackDiamoond, and to have to serve as a living toilet. Promotional media: sklavin_der_herrin_025_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_019_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_004_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_007_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_010_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_009_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_013_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_011_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_012_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_005_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_006_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_023_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_001_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_015_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_018_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_027_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_016_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_026_full.png sklavin_der_herrin_024_full.png…

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Fist for Fun

Eight gruesome fists and a real cock are tampering with the little asshole a lot. A rose-strut and a vibrating bar are making the ass-cunt talk! Also, Mister P. is having fun with the slave-hole and he fucks him very hard before he is giving him a lesson in cock-sucking on his own hard dick!…

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Peeping Stepdad Gets Fucked

Hadley is sunbathing in the backyard — and catches her stepdad jerking off while watching her. He expects her to be pissed but she has a surprise for him: she says his peeping turned her on and proceeds to suck his cock and fuck him in several positions. Stepdad Jimmy is thoroughly enjoying this turn…

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Berlin brings home another guy from wok today, to turn Hubby into a . She fucks guys at work and wants hubby to start sucking their dicks. He has to suck their balls, Has to deep throat their cocks until he gags. He’s His Wife’s Sex Slave, but not in the way he would want…

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Edyn Blair – My Gangbang

Very juicy redhead Edyn Blair was getting her pussy all worked up and gushing while the men in black showed up to wreck her hot hairy pussy. With no time wasted her sweet ass was up in the air and her throat full of meat. These brothas made sure every inch of their cocks were…

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The Vacuum bed

Lady Patrica decides to put the submissive guy in the vacuum bed and have him there for a while. While he remains immobile, she takes the opportunity to play the nipples and testicles. Promotional media: vacum_018_full.png vacum_019_full.png vacum_002_full.png vacum_010_full.png vacum_020_full.png vacum_014_full.png vacum_006_full.png

Total public humiliation

The slave must run outside with stockings dressed and his visibly small cock on the leash behind his mistress. What a shame for him but the mistress has not had enough yet and so his pathetic small cock is first electrified and then whipped. Promotional media: public_004_full.png public_001_full.png public_002_full.png public_003_full.png public_005_full.png

Boots slut Kate – so horny

Boots slut Kate has just been riding, which makes her so horny again that she has to satisfy herself directly afterward. She is then caught by Mistress and is allowed to lick her boots and is then also fucked. Promotional media: boot_003_full.png boot_002_full.png boot_001_full.png boot_005_full.png boot_004_full.png boot_006_full.png


When it’s Bitches Birthday then her Baronesse is not far. After a small “communal Drink” with the noblest Champagne from the Mistress to celebrate the always horny bitch Lucia’s Birthday, who is usually absent-minded does everything wrong and falls into disgrace. Deeper and deeper penetrates the Dildo up to her Brain and fucks the last…

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Welcome to the show

It’s time for the show at an underground sex club. Master Tim strips slave Jessie and binds her with rope before tossing her into a group of men to be groped and passed around. He releases slave Charli from her cage and begins to tie her up as members of the audience fondle Jessie. He…

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Stasi Girl

Stasi Girl or how for a poor Solder an meeting with a lustful slut can went tremendously wrong Promotional media: stasi_004_full.png stasi_001_full.png stasi_005_full.png stasi_002_full.png stasi_006_full.png stasi_003_full.png stasi_007_full.png

Pony Boy Training

With the anal plug in his ass, the slave is harnessed by the mistress as a pony boy in front of her cart. That there is the whip in case of misconduct is clear. And now run nice and good you looser and pull my cart. Promotional media: pony_004_full.png pony_002_full.png pony_001_full.png pony_003_full.png pony_006_full.png pony_005_full.png


All that a happy asshole needs is three Ladies with gigantic Dicks, to explore his anal Cave. In the legendary Darkside Club in Berlin-Kreuzberg these wishes came true. Baronessa Carmen Rivera invited her Lady Friends, Bizarrelady Selina and Herrin Blackdiamoond, to a true FISTival of Extremes. Promotional media: faust_004_full.png faust_008_full.png faust_001_full.png faust_006_full.png faust_002_full.png faust_007_full.png faust_003_full.png…

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The Gift

Mistress Bella Bathory is annoyed that her slave Marcelo didn’t bring her a gift. But she is also in a playful mood, so she decides to make slave Marcelo into a literal present. He’ll be wrapped up in a cute little bow and just to keep it secure, Mistress staples the ribbon to his nipples.…

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Rick Fantana vs Vanessa Vega

Rick Fantana has an evil villain living inside of him and today that villain comes out to play. Rick loves dominating beautiful women. Today we bring him a fresh edgy girl with long hair, all-natural tits, and some really beautiful ink. Vanessa Vega is a rising star here on Evolved. She may be small but…

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London Keyes & Katja Kassin Anal Overload

London Keyes and Katja Kassin are two of the biggest known anal queens in the business. These two girls love to stretch their butt holes far and wide. Cum along as these two hotties pound the hell out of their asses! Promotional media: 002-00011_full.png 002-00009_full.png 002-00012_full.png 002-00007_full.png 002-00035_full.png 002-00014_full.png 002-00015_full.png 002-00010_full.png 002-00004_full.png 002-00034_full.png 002-00005_full.png 002-00022_full.png…

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