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Asphalt Island, Part 4: Ella Nova

In the final episode of Asphalt Island, Ella Nova just can’t take anymore. During her isolation, she grows desperate and hungry for sex after having been stranded with only her kinky fantasies. She builds herself a fucking machine out of garbage, and plays both top and bottom for our filthy eyes!

[**“Asphalt Island” SERIES MAIN PAGE**](/series/asphalt-island)

**All 4 episodes in this series:**
[Part 1: Cam Damage & Mike Panic](/shoot/102722)
[Part 2: Daisy Ducati and Ruckus](/shoot/102826)
[Part 3: Natalie Mars and Lance Hart](/shoot/102724)
[Part 4: Ella Nova](/shoot/102547)

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KINKY JOI: Bad Schoolgirl in the Dean’s Office

So you’ve decided to write Dresden up for a dress code violation. Here she sits in your office perched on your desk with a slightly bratty attitude. You see, she certainly didn’t know that her big juicy ass would be visible beneath that schoolgirl skirt of hers. She begins to tempt you, “I may be young but I’m all grown up.” There’s so many things you could be doing besides punishing this slutty academic. Now that you’re mesmerized by her perky tiddies you’ve completely forgotten all about punishing her. She begins to slide off her panties. She knows what you want. Now it’s your turn. Take that cock of yours out and begin stroking. If you think you’re ever getting near Dresden’s yummy, dripping holes you’re going to have to do exactly as she says. She spreads her legs and begins rubbing her pink pussy. She begins to moan as she watches you stroke for her. Keep stroking and go slow, she’s not ready to see you cum yet. You see it may be your office but Dresden is the one in charge today. She makes herself comfortable and begins to fuck herself with a giant glass dildo. It’s bigger than your pathetic dick that’s for sure which is precisely why it’s the one that’s going to be fucking Dresden today. She instructs you to keep stroking. “It feels good to boss around the boss,” says a wet, spread Dresden fucking her pussy with that glass toy. You can hear her dripping wet cunt sucking the toy as she pops it in and out of her gorgeous hole. Next she grabs a vibrator and presses it to her clit. She keeps talking and is moaning over the vibrator’s buzz. She decides to give you a countdown as she plunges the toy in and out of her cunt. She tells you to go faster the closer she gets to cumming. Then with an explosive, “one!” she tells you to blow your load all over her.

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KINKY JOI: Cuckolded with a Fucking Machine

What do you think you’re doing? Did you think you were going to join? What? Did you think Lauren Phillips was going to let you and your tiny penis anywhere near her perfect dripping pussy? We don’t think so. So now, you’ve come to watch Lauren get fucked by this incredible fucking machine. It’s everything you aren’t. Big, strong, reliable…it can actually penetrate her. Just look at that thing. That dildo looks how you wanna look. It fucks how you wanna fuck. It’s thick, it’s capable, and most importantly, it makes pathetic shrimp dick men like you obsolete. Lauren would tell you to stroke your cock with your hand but she knows it would only fit in your fingertips. So here you are masturbating your penis like it’s the world tiniest violin, playing sad songs for losers with limp dicks. We’re surprised your micropenis even made it out of your pants. How big is it anyway? Like is there any metric for measuring a dick that small? So now that we’ve established your cock is useless, why don’t we pay a little attention to the goddess who’s pussy is being pounded by this perfect machine. Just watch and stroke your dick the same speed as its thrusts. You’re about to learn a thing or two about what actually pleases a pussy. You see Lauren’s cunt is dripping wet right now because this is ALL about her and her pleasure. She doesn’t have time to pay attention to you or what makes you feel good. No no no. This moment is all about her tight, beautiful hole getting fucked exactly how she likes it, because she’s in control. Maybe if you had paid more attention to making pussy happy instead of focusing on your sorry excuse for a penis, you wouldn’t be here getting cucked like the loser you are by a fucking machine while you beg for scraps. You get nothing, You just get to watch Lauren cum over and over again while your cock becomes gradually irrelevant. Bye Bye.

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KINKY JOI: Jasmine Teaches You A Lesson

“Jasmine is sick of your brutish and impatient ways, so today she is giving you a lesson in following meticulous directions to see if you can earn your orgasm. With her tease and denial directions and her slow, tormenting games, her voice, like honey, will make you feel things you never experienced before. “

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KINKY JOI: The Day My Stepmom Showed Me Her Tits

“Arabelle Raphael living in your house? Fucking your dad? Walking around naked?! It’s all you can think about.

Well, she’s picked up on it and wants to have a private conversation with you.

Just make sure to do everything that stepmom Arabelle says if you want to keep having your special talks.”

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KINKY JOI: Neglected Foot Slave

“How lonely you have been this past year, how badly you wish to worship a pair of perfect feet!

Lydia Black knows how badly you want to so from the goodness of her heart she is here to let you explore her lovely soles and toes if you sit back and follow her lead.  She’s happy to tempt you in her stiletto heels, feet covered in oil, and a beautiful orgasm!”

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Proctect & Please Master

Kinky JOI: Worship Her Perfect Muscles

“Ariel X is exhausted from her intense workout, she needs her body oiled up and worshipped! Get your cock hard and get ready to worship every muscle on Ariel’s rock-hard body, she works hard to get her sweaty socks ripe enough for sickos like you. As she oils herself from head to toe, teasing you with her perfect perky tits and ass, you can’t help but bust a nut all over her pretty feet!”

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Kinky JOI: Anatomy Lessons

“How useless do you have to be to fail an anatomy class?! Cherie DeVille cannot believe it either and so she is demanding your FULL obedience if you want to pass this class. Do not take your eyes off the screen or your hands off your cock, unless she tells you to. She will show you every hole and how to handle them, and maybe you’ll have a chance at passing your final exam.”

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Kinky JOI: Ela Darling’s Cum Eating Foot Slut

“Disturbing a Goddess in her home? How dare you. Now your puny cock belongs to Ela and you must stroke it exactly the way she commands. Worship her body with your eyes, dream of her slick footjobs as she teases you with her perfect soles, and if she is happy, you may get to come while she counts down your orgasm.

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KINKY JOI: You Would Love To Taste It

It’s amazing Daisy Ducati even noticed you while getting ready for a date with her latest Alpha Male plaything. As she shows off her long legs, smooth skin, and sexy outfit she can’t help but humiliate you, you little cuckolded house gimp, sitting naked on the floor, playing with your minuscule dick. She rubs her lithe body and talks about all the nasty things a real man is going to do to her, and if you’re obedient you’ll get to suck his cum from her perfect pussy as a reward. Keep pleasing your sexy mistress if you want to earn the right to cum at her feet once she’s done playing with you!

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Lilith Luxe’s Human Furniture

Welcome to Lilith Luxe’s living room. Get comfortable, because if you want to stay and sniff her toes, see her dripping twat, or be acknowledged at all, you must show your usefulness as her silent, sturdy furniture. How deep is your devotion? Prove it for Lillith.

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The Play Thing Audition

Once again another strange interview… Cheyenne enters into the Master’s domain seeking a job. Once there she finds no chair only a bed. Then she is immediately transformed into the Master’s Pleasure bot for him to command. Does she pass the Audition? Only the Master knows for sure.

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Audition to Become a New Robot Bitch

Bella thinks she is going to have a nice pleasant job interview, it turns out to be something quite different. Unbeknownst to her, Bella has entered into an interview with The Master. He transforms her instantly into a robot to see if she has what it takes to be part of his robotic worshipers.

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KINKY JOI: Gia’s Perfect Feet

You’ve been waiting all night, like a total creep, under Gia’s bed, just so you could get a glimpse of her sexy feet! So pitiful. Gia feels sorry for you so she invites you up to get a closer look at her gorgeous toes and soles while she teases you about your obsession. Jerk off the way she wants you to, but know that you don’t get to come on her poetry feet until you watch her make herself come, something you could never accomplish!

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Heavy Punches… And Heavy Pleasure

The Master is ready to debut his lastest Fighting Fembot: The 360 Model. It throws vicious punches and heavy kicks… It is also built for pleasure as The Master will demonstrate.

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KINKY JOI: I Made A Mess For Mistress

Mistress Blunt does not play games. If you think female supremacy is a joke, get ready to really hurt. She knows what men like you want and it’s always to be down on your knees serving intensely seductive and sadistic women like her. While you tug at your miserable meat as she humiliates you, drooling with her panties gagging you, think about how well you’re going to clean up your spunk when you make a mess of Mistress’s dungeon because you won’t be invited back unless the floor is sparkling clean…

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KINKY JOI: You Are A Dirty Little Cum Dumpster

Only the luckiest, most qualified slaves have had the privilege of being in Arabelle Raphael’s home. Looks like you’re one of them! After cleaning, scrubbing, washing, and folding, Arabelle is finally impressed with your work and has decided to give you the acknowledgment you so desperately desire. Today, you better listen closely as she tells you exactly how to handle your wimpy cock. If you do, and she thinks you’ve earned it, she might just let you come on yourself, you filthy, pathetic, little cum slut!

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The Physical Education teacher Ms. Madison Maxx tells the class to go run laps. Of course, The Master is having none of this. The Master transforms her into his personal P.E. Teacher and makes her do the Education he wishes her to.

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KINKY JOI: Caged Houseboy

How dare you snoop in Ryan’s underwear drawer! No wonder she keeps you in a cage. Now that Ryan has caught you parading around in her panties, looks like you won’t be touching silk, lace, or Ryan any time soon; just your pitiful cock! Pay attention as Ryan commands you to stroke yourself and don’t even think of coming without her permission, only then will you be set free…

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A Brand New Therapy

Jolene has just broken up with her boyfriend and is Heartbroken. All she wants is a shoulder to cry on, a friend to confide in… Too bad that what she has is you… The man who will transform her into a slutty robot.

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It’s a rainy summer day and you’re lucky enough to be stuck as a house boy in service to Queen Jet Setting Jasmine. She thinks you’re a piece of trash, and since you’ve never proved yourself good enough, you must take a hard lesson from your mistress. She orders you to focus on her face and her mouth. You take in her orders and she begins a game of “Queen Jasmine Says”. She tells you to follow her fingers up and down her body. She wants you to clean every single inch of her house the way you follow every single inch of her gorgeous body with your eyes. You can’t help but think that her skin is the only thing that can unlock your orgasm. She threatens to make you clean her house with your tongue if you don’t clean it good enough. She finally allows you to take out your puny cock. You haven’t proven yourself worth enough to come, but she does let you finally touch your cock. She instructs you to stroke really slow. Slow down! She makes you take your hand off of your cock and show off your body. She tells you to lick your hand and continue stroking your tiny prick, then slap it. You’re getting so horny you are dripping. She makes you lick it up before making you show off for her. Just as you are getting close she makes you stop. Hold it! You don’t get to cum until she’s decided you cleaned the house well enough. Did you?

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I Turned My Prospective Boss Into a Robot!

Nyomi thinks she is about to conduct an interview to hire a new Employee to her company. Little does she know that it’s the Master she is about to interview… and he is about to become her Boss!

The Master transforms her into a mindless Robot who will do only what he says! She will orgasm on command. She will prepare to be fucked on Command. All according to the Master’s will!

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Stretch Your Imagination

Latex Lucy seems to exist in a fantasy universe outside of such mundane concerns like Christmas holidays…although when she takes off her mask in private, she is no doubt just like the rest of us, just another human being. But when clothed in her fabulous and striking latex garb, as she is here today in her new fetish XXX video, Lucy takes us along to her bizarre dark-edged cosmos even though she stands in the bright sunshine in a gorgeous garden. Tugging aside her skintight green and blue body suit, she reveals her enormous tits and then her shaved pussy and taut asshole. What do you think Lucy wants you to do for her? Does she want you to kneel and service her twat? Or maybe she wants you to kiss her black platform shoes? Heaven and hell are not the limits when you’re in the presence of Latex Lucy…the only limit is your imagination!

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Britney’s Balcony Piss

Standing on her balcony in a warm balmy night. Britney lets a health bladder expel right through her peach colored panties. The warm steamy liquor dribbles and streams out of the fabric, down her legs and puddles on the concrete surface. We can hear the rivulets of piss running over the edge of the balcony and splashing with loud splats on the dark sidewalk below. When the last dribble and drop are resting at her naked feet, Britney strips off the piss soaked undies and enjoys the drying effect of the cool summer breeze au natural.

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