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Sister Barbary Confesses

Sister Barbary steps into the confession booth eager to unburden herself with the guilt she feels for having all of these erotic fantasies about her fellow clergy. She confesses in great detail! But she stops when she realizes the priest is actually jerking off while listening to her. She confronts him by pulling him out of his booth, and decides to punish and humiliate him. First the Sister decides to secure his manhood in a chastity cage, so that despite his desire to do so, he will be painfully unable to get an erection. Then she begins his torment and humiliation as he is, bare-assed over her knee, where she spanks his bottom raw…even implementing the Holy Book to assist as a weapon. But now, she finds herself all worked up, so she proceeds to strip for the eager Priest. She then pulls out the vibrating wand that she had confessed about & begins to use it on herself while the frustrated Priest looks on unable to engage. Finally, she decides he’s suffered enough and encourages him to masturbate with her, making sure that he only cums on the Holy Book.

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The Seduction of Delirious Hunter

Master Joey has Delirious lying on her back atop a large oak apple crate in the dungeon. This highly erotic scene opens with him treating her to oral pleasuring to her breasts and lips which really lights her up! After she is warmed up, she gives him a deep blowjob while he slaps her with his leather belt. He returns the favor by giving her cunnilingus and then moves on to properly fucking her. To add to the pleasure, he uses a vibrator on her clit until they both come to intense orgasms.

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This clip is intended for Women, Wives, and Girlfriends. It gives you the basic instructions to make your husband docile and respectful. The man’s purpose is to make and keep – YOU HAPPY. This ranges from all the chores he will do to turning complete financial control over to YOU. If he ever disagrees with you, corporal punishment will result. But most often the key to his control lies in his cock. Though it will not be enough to satisfy you, and you will need to find other, bigger, harder cocks, it is the essence of your control over him. It will entice him to follow all your instructions – like holding your cum-filled panties against the wall with his nose, without dropping them, until you let him come to you and worship your feet.
THE FEMALE CONTROLLED FAMILY: YOU SEE LADIES IT IS ALL ABOUT THE COCK. Keeping Hubby hard all the time without letting him cum, is the best motivator for hubby’s obedience. When all his chores are done, his paycheck is deposited into My account and My pussy is satisfied, I may pull his apron up over his head and play with his cock. For My amusement of course. He is never allowed to initiate sex or ejaculate without My permission. Today he gets the rare pleasure of feeling My Hands in Leather Gloves on his cock.

Ladies often ask ME for my advice on how they can be served and worshiped every day, getting all the chores done, keeping their bank accounts full, plus getting worshiped. Ladies this will ensure that you enjoy the strong benefits of FEMALE AUTHORITY.
“But if he lets his little cocklet cum, he will pay!”

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Public Humiliation

The slave was put in stockings and ridiculous pink and red women’s clothes and tied to a tree with a visible ” cock “.

His shame and his humiliation know no limit more than coincidentally the girlfriend of the mistress comes to a cafe and sees him standing there in his miserable situation.

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YOU ARE TRICKED INTO THINKING YOU WILL BE GETTING A 3 WAY WITH 2 WOMEN. Instead you are locked in a closet and dragged out for their amusement. Their pantyhose is over your face and their tits squeeze around your head. Before you figure out what is going on, Foxxy shoves her COCK in your mouth and you are told to SUCK THAT CLIT UNTIL SHE CUMS. – TS FOXXY AND ALURA JENSON

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Penny Pax – The Submission Of Emma Marx – Boundaries – Scene 4

When someone from Mr. Frederick’s past resurfaces, her world is rocked to the very core.

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KINKY JOI: Cuckolded by the Cock Strapped to his Face

“Well, well, well, what do we have here? You’ve found yourself in Gia Dimarco’s dungeon eager to touch her, feel her, and fuck her. However, you haven’t proven yourself worthy, so for now you’ll have to wait and watch her play with her human dildo. She starts by removing her panties and teasing you with her delicious ass. Then she walks over to her little plaything and pushes him to the ground. Don’t you just wish Gia objectified you like that? She begins to hover her pussy over its nose, so close to its face it can smell her glorious pussy. She moves her hips back and forth, grinding her pussy against the human dildo’s face. You see, this fucktoy has earned the right to be so close to her perfect tits, something you’re going to have to work really fucking hard to even be considered worthy to experience. Gia lowers her pussy over the dildo and letting it slide deep inside of her while you watch her juicy, perfect ass move up and down. She fucks the dildo and turns around to fuck it some more all while telling you how completely useless you are to her. You watch as she continues to plunge the dildo deep into her pussy, moaning while she takes a vibrator to her clit as she uses her human toy. She howls with pleasure as she cums all over the cock sticking out of her gimp’s face. Then she leans down to suck all of her delicious pussy juice off the cock with her bright red lips bobbing up and down. She catches you stroking your measly cock trying so hard to get the pathetic thing hard. You’re trying so hard because you’re so turned on and this is the closest you’ll ever get to her. Go ahead, touch it. She wants to watch you try and stroke that tiny thing while she fucks the dildo gag some more. She instructs you to keep trying with your pathetic cock so she can laugh at you. She goes over to the human cock and begins to stroke it and spit on it to show you how you can stroke your teeny, tiny cock. You can keep stroking, but don’t you dare fucking cum. If you cum Gia will have to punish you, because you’re not here for your pleasure, you’re here for hers. Whatever she wants, whatever she desires, you’re completely at her whim as she continues to fuck her perfectly, obedient plaything. She cums over and over and over again while you just sit there and watch. Now she’s gonna make you watch as she milks this human cock. Don’t you just wish you were so lucky? All you can do is sit and watch as she strokes her gimp’s cock faster and faster. Look at all that fucking cum covering her pretty hands, don’t you wish it was yours? You don’t get to cum, because you’re a fucking loser and losers get to eat cum. Now lick up every last drop.

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“WHEN YOUR STEP-MOM CATCHES YOU TEXTING A GIRL, INSTEAD OF DOING YOUR CHORES, YOU WILL HAVE HELL TO PAY. You never get to talk to girls. Step-Mommie is all you need. Your punishment starts with her making you smell her pussy, while she reads all your nasty text messages. She is even madder when she finds a picture of your penis that you sent to girls! For that She puts you in a Scissorhold between her strong thighs. You know all ““THOSE GIRLS ARE WHORES. WOMEN ARE WHORES EXCEPT FOR !”” That is why she keeps you a Virgin. She cares so much that she lets you touch your cock, but only in her presence. She lets you rub your cock on her panties. She makes you show her how you fuck. Your Cock trapped between her soft thighs She makes you Hump and Explode all your cum down her stocking legs.

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Settling A Dominant Debt

Vienna is an innocent blonde babe who is caught up in a nasty situation. Her boyfriend owes our stud money, and this guy is not to be fucked with. To sort out the debt, Vienna’s guy sends her over to the scary dude’s house. She puts on some sexy lace lingerie and does exactly what she is commanded. On her knees, she opens her mouth and gags as he fucks her hungry throat. Then, he pushes her onto the couch and shoves her panties in her mouth as he pounds her. Her eyes roll back in her head as she gets her twat pummeled. Then, she eats the cum off her slutty face. Looks like Vienna had more fun than she would like to admit…

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Penny Pax – The Submission Of Emma Marx – Boundaries – Scene 3

Diagnose Samenstau (3 of 3)

Sheer horror grips patient No. 32 when his doctor tells him that he should actually be a “pussy” and therefore the discomfort in the abdomen. There is only one therapy for this: sex change! But before the doctor unpacks the scalpel, some preliminary examinations are necessary. First of all, the load capacity of the testicles is tested by means of a saline solution infusion. At the same time, an extensive catheter treatment takes place, with needles is also not stingy. Of course, the “pussy” should also be anal accessible later and so the fist is also used. That may have lain already once for the future clothing, sample goes without saying. A final sperm sample is taken and of course, the oral champagne intake and sperm swallowing ability of 32 are also tested. In the end, it all helps nothing! Diagnosis: sperm congestion!!! So the balls must unfortunately off!

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Penny Pax – The Submission Of Emma Marx – Boundaries – Scene 2

Diagnose Samenstau (2 of 3)

Sheer horror grips patient No. 32 when his doctor tells him that he should actually be a “pussy” and therefore the discomfort in the abdomen. There is only one therapy for this: sex change! But before the doctor unpacks the scalpel, some preliminary examinations are necessary. First of all, the load capacity of the testicles is tested by means of a saline solution infusion. At the same time, an extensive catheter treatment takes place, with needles is also not stingy. Of course, the “pussy” should also be anal accessible later and so the fist is also used. That may have lain already once for the future clothing, sample goes without saying. A final sperm sample is taken and of course, the oral champagne intake and sperm swallowing ability of 32 are also tested. In the end, it all helps nothing! Diagnosis: sperm congestion!!! So the balls must unfortunately off!

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Riley Reid – The Submission Of Emma Marx – Boundaries – Scene 1

Riley Reid gets blindfolded for passionate sex in _The Submission Of Emma Marx – Boundaries_

**Additional Images in ZIP download**

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KINKY JOI: Under Her Ass and Pussy

Come closer to her, that’s right. What a good pet. You see today you’re going to worship Helena Locke’s heels. You’re going to sniff them. Run your face along her nylons all the way up to her thighs. She knows you want to keep going but she’s going to bring you all the way back down. You’re going to lick her heels, clean them, get them nice and shiny but don’t you dare get her nylons wet. You see if Helena feels any bit of moisture on her nylons you got straight back into the cage. Understood? Good. Now if you do good as a treat she’s going to let you run your nose along her nylons. Smell that? The scent of her heels, the filth, the nylons all swirling together. You must be overwhelmed with all the sensations. Look how excited you are. Now don’t get too excited you’re going to have to last long enough to worship Helena’s powerful, strong calves. It’s so hard for you because you want to cum so badly. That’s too bad because it’s not your time. Now, look at her sweaty arches, her wet foot pussy. Take a nice deep whiff, don’t you want to stick your tongue in there? Do you think she will give you want you want? There’s only one way to find out. Be a good boy.

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No Boys Included

Beauty Jasmine wanders into her kitchen, picking up her favorite sex toy as she passes. Soon enough, Jasmine is stuffing the dildo into her ass and pussy, moaning with sheer pleasure. Blonde cutie Tiffany Kingston discovers how to make herself come with Jasmine’s toy before indulging in some duo fun.

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Penny Pax – The Submission Of Emma Marx – Scene 2

Corrupted Gangbang (Part 2 of 2)

The sadistic Mistresses are nowhere near done with gang banging extreme anal slut Marcelo! Mona Wales and Cybill Troy keep him airtight with huge dildos stuffing both holes, then let Hannah Hunt and Valentine take their turns. Mistress Cybill gets creative and ass fucks him with her foot.

Finally, they make him bend over upside down while Goddess Helena pile drives him. Having had their fun, they leave Marcelo a crumpled mess on the floor. This scene is from our **XBIZ Fetish Release of the Year** winner, _Corrupted By The Evils of Fetish Porn._ (Part 2 of 2)

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A Tip To Submit

Cute MILF Alison Rey loves making money almost as much as she loves sex. That is why she is such a huge fan of camming. She gets the best of both worlds as she fills her pussy up with huge dildos while a ton of pervy guys shower her in cash. But when one of her fans spams her with messages, Alison is a little weirded out. She challenges the guy to come over and talk to her face to face. But when he shows up, she cannot believe her eyes! He ties her up with some rope and then makes her gag on his cock while he facefucks her ferociously. He dominates her quivering pussy, making her squirm submissively as she cums on his prick. Then, he feeds her a mouthful of hot jizz to cap off the intense action. Alison has never gotten tipped so well!

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Night Club Of Pleasure

Corrupted Gangbang (Part 1 of 2)

Another scene from our **XBIZ Fetish Release of the Year** winner, _“Corrupted By The Evils of Fetish Porn”_. Nerdy editor Alice (Kasey Warner) gets a job editing fetish porn after she’s unfairly fired from her mainstream gig. Her first assignment: a wild and vicious reverse gangbang! Sadistic Dommes Cybill Troy, Mona Wales, Helena Locke, Hannah Hunt, and Valentine dress him up as a French maid, make him deep throat giant dildos, and ravage his ass, taking turns pegging him. And they’re not done yet! (Part 1 of 2)

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Leanne: Degradation Addict, Never Shot Porn

Leanne Morehead was a swinger. She was so popular at parties that when she missed a few weekends she got a couple of men contacting her to ask if they could see her one-on-one. They said they’d pay her for her time. She started escorting. She was working as an accountant for a construction firm. Six months ago the whoring got so successful that she gave up the day job to go full-time. Leanne realized pretty quickly that she had a USP that other whores either didn’t have or were lying about. She was a through-and-through sub, the kind of sub who craves humiliation and degradation. She marketed herself as such and her bookings went through the roof. She hasn’t looked back. Leanne’s interview contains two particularly good indications of just how much of a submissive slag she is. She says her accountant job involved her bollocking men who went over budget all the time. It left her craving that one of them, any of them, would turn the tables on her, yank her skirt up behind her, and crams his throbbing cock deep into her asshole irrespective of any feeble and fake protestations on her part. Apparently, this is something she would slink into the office toilets to masturbate about. Only a few days before shooting her first-ever porno scene with PSS, one of her regular punters tried to book a session with her. I’m sorry, Leanne said, but I’m just about to head back on the train from London to Wales. How’s about I get to Swindon, jump on your train there and fuck your fucking brains out in the toilets, you cheap slag, he said. She thought that sounded like rather a good idea and that’s what they did. You’d expect Leanne Morehead’s scene to be a corker. It is.

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Girl Threesome Perversions

Fun and Games

It’s been a great night out for Dommes Elena De Luca and Hannah Hunt – but why should the fun stop when they have their slave Marcelo to torment with a game of butt attachment ring toss (really!) and double strap-on? Their aim gets better with time, and much laughing, but anal slut Marcelo is having a hard time keeping a normal-sized butt plug in his gaping ass. So, it’s time for pegging him at both ends, as the Mistresses take turns butt fucking him and having him deep throat their strap-on cock. But they’re not done yet — Elena turns her strap-on attention to Hannah and fucks her while on top of long-suffering Marcelo!

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KINKY JOI: Kendall Penny’s Hard Ride

“Kendall Penny is going to wrangle you and ride you hard, anyway she likes. Give her your full, undivided attention if you want a chance at worshipping her tight, sexy body from the ground, up, you pervert. If you make her happy you may even get the chance to cum while she strokes her gorgeous cock along with you!

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