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Keira Croft: Fucked and Punished in Bondage

Keira begins her journey in a standing position with her hands tied above her head. Her legs are kept apart with a spreader-bar. Tommy enters and begins to feel out the situation. Is she submissive? Is she a brat? Is she going to give it up, or is going to have to take it? All of these questions are answered quickly as he starts to punish this totally helpless slut. After some time tormenting her, he buries his cock deep inside of her slutty pussy and fucks her into her first of many orgasms. Next she is made to kneel in front of him and service his cock and balls. That’s her only job, and if she fails at this, her day will end right now. This cock-hungry slut has enough to prove her worth. We move on and get her tied into a suspension so that her holes are available and ready for Tommy’s cock. He fucks her throat and pussy, and issues some brutal spankings with a wooden paddle to her ass and thighs. Now that he has left his mark, he finishes her off with a few more orgasms. In the final scene, Tommy has Keira in a partial suspension with one of her legs tied up so that he has full access to her pussy. He fucks and vibes multiple orgasms form her pussy and then blows his load all over her face.

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Kay Carter: Big Booty Blonde Submits to Codey Steele

Kay Carter is naturally submissive and loves BDSM in her personal life. Things are a little different in our dungeon. Codey Steele expects certain behavior and will to do what’s necessary to get the results he wants. Kay stands in the middle of the dungeon. Her hands are tied above her head and her feet are tied to a spreader bar to keep her pussy available. Codey enters with a crop in his hand to implement the rules. Kay will do anything to prove her worthiness to her new master. She is almost too eager, so he trains her in self-control, making her beg for the things she wants. He spends some time training her throat for proper cock-sucking. After that he moves on to a suspension. The suspension has all of her holes fully exposed and ready for him to use at his will. Kay feasts on his cock like the hungry little slut that she is. Codey fucks her mouth and pussy into full submission before moving on to the final position. Next, Kay finds herself bound on a dirty mattress in the middle of the floor. He rips multiple orgasms out of her with his fingers and a vibe. Next he buries his cock deep inside of her wet pussy, then adds the vibe again to send her over the edge. He flips her over in a doggy position and then fucks her from behind, ultimately covering her in his cum.

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Babe Takes Machine Fucked While Vibed

Adina’s body is shivers of pleasure as the machine fucks her wet snatch. It can get too deep for her because with each stroke her pussy goes tighter and tighter. When she stops breathing multiple orgasms we make her feel amazing, so you want to know how this will end, just click that play button.

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Tainted Love, Episode 2: High Protocol

In Episode 2 of’s 7-part series “Tainted Love,” April and Quinton have moved to the kitchen for a little snack as April begins to tell her next story involving a high protocol Top named Derrick Pierce.

April arrives at Derrick’s home a little nervous, but excited to see what happens in such a high protocol environment. They have a nice dinner before moving to the bedroom where Derrick initiates her into his world of BDSM. He begins with some basic D/s training to get her into the mindset that he wants her, but constantly checks-in to assure that she is OK with the procedure. April happily consents to the activities, so Derrick goes for it with bondage and domination! She is inspected before he allows her to suck his cock, and then moving on to more intense activities. She is eventually tied to the bed in a doggy position, bent over with legs spread. Derrick issues some corporal punishment with his flogger before fucking her into multiple orgasms. The intensity increases along with everything else, but in the end we find April a very satisfied submissive!

[**“Tainted Love” SERIES MAIN PAGE**](/series/tainted-love)

**All 7 episodes in this series:**
[Episode 1: The Switch](/shoot/103372)
[Episode 2: High Protocol](/shoot/103368)
Episode 3: Gamer Incubus – COMING 4/5
Episode 4: The Submissive – COMING 4/12
Episode 5: The Brat – COMING 4/19
Episode 6: The Succubus – COMING 4/26
Episode 7: The Decision – COMING 5/3

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Slut Taming: Gabriella Paltrova & Quinton James

Gabriella Paltrova, AKA Gabby, took a little time off, but she’s back and hotter then ever. Gabby’s in desperate need of some full domination, as her brat is starting to show! We get her into the dungeon, and in no time she is being a bossy little slut to Quinton James. Quinton is a man who is used to being underestimated, so he lets her do her thing. Gabby has no idea what he’s capable of, but she is about to find out…the hard way.

We begin with Gabby on her back with her ankles pulled up, her arms pulled down beside her, and her thighs spread nice and wide. Quinton doesn’t ease into this at all, because now it’s time for him to show her what he’s made of. Breath control sets the pace for what he has in store for her before he fucks her mouth and pussy. Gabby now sees the error in her ways, but Quinton has only just begun.

Next, Gabby is pulled into a hogtie suspension where Quinton has the ability to use her holes as he sees fit. Orgasms pour out of Gabby uncontrollably as he continues to fuck and vibe her pussy until she can no longer take it. In the final scene, Gabby is on top of a fuck box with her legs tied to her arms so that Quinton can have his way with her one more time. He checks in to see where her brattiness is, and surprisingly it’s subsided since he started the day. He fucks her face for a bit before going back to using her pussy, and ripping nonstop orgasms out of her. She begs for him to stop, but he is going to prove to he that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

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Olive Glass: Fucked in Bondage

Olive Glass is in the middle of the dungeon with her hands tied above her head. Her legs are bound to a spreader bar. Christian enters, inspects his prey, and establishes his path of domination. After inspecting Olive’s body, and her available holes, he blindfolds her to begin a little game. He grabs an electric zapper to toy with her before using her to satisfy his cock. Olive has past the first test, and so now it’s on to the wooden box. She is placed on her side with one leg pulled into the air. Her hands are tied above her head. She is vulnerable, but more than willing to accept what her fate will be at the hands of Christian. He buries his cock deep inside of her pussy and fucks her relentlessly. He gets the vibrator and imposes his will, and gives her some orgasms to settle her down. A heavy flogger is introduced to get her back into her role as the submissive she truly is. He moves from corporal punishment, to the vibe, and his cock to keep her on the edge the entire time. In the final scene, Olive has her ass sticking through a reverse glory hole to completely objectify her. She is no more than a hole for him to fuck and Olive is more than okay with that. Christian continues to fuck her and rip multiple orgasms before covering her pussy in his hot cum.

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The Secretary’s Secret

Secretary Chloe Cherry is the world’s worst note-taker and boss Kasey Warner has had it with her. It’s time for some punishment. Kasey pushes up Chloe’s mini skirt and pulls down her panties, and gives her a spanking. Still pissed off, Kasey progresses to flogger and paddle. But then things morph into a fantasy, with Kasey dominating Chloe but also kissing her. Chloe gets Kasey off by eating her pussy, then Kasey busts out a dildo and fucks Chloe. And then … how much of this was reality, anyway?

**Additional photoshoot images included in ZIP download**

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Brutal Bondage: Liv Revamped and Tommy Pistol

Liv Revamped starts her day in a strict steel device. Her mouth is positioned at the level of Tommy Pistol’s cock so he can easily give her a proper throat-fucking. A vibrator is pressed hard against Liv’s pussy and there’s no escaping its pleasure. He sticks his gloved hands in her mouth and it gets her drooling. She gets clothespins on her nipples and a mouthful of his hard cock. She cums hard multiple times while Tommy assists with breath play, covering her nose and mouth. Liv knew this wasn’t going to be an easy day, and the full rope suspension that she is made to endure next proves that. In the next scene, Liv is on her side with one leg up and the other pulled tightly out of Tommy’s way. He starts fucking her with a vengeance, and then decides he wants some of her tight asshole. He shoves his cock deep into her ass, then into her pussy, and then balls deep into her mouth for a full service hole fucking. The orgasms have been plentiful for Liv, and now it’s time for tommy to get his. Liv is face down with her ass in the air and Tommy goes right to work fucking her amazing ass. Her pussy is just so much fun too, so he goes back to that again. He can’t decide which he likes best, so he fucks them both until he decides that he wants that mouth again. Liv is super-tough and slutty and Tommy makes sure to showcase those talents.

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Azöe Enjoys Getting Machine Fucked

Azöe’s whole body is shaking with pleasure as the machine penetrated her juicy snatch, quicker and quicker with each pump. Also, the favorite thing about getting pounded by a machine is that they don’t get lazy. Her hefty inhaling immediately stopped as one pussy climaxed after the other goes through her whole torso.

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A Variety of Sex Toys and a Fuck Saw

Mistress Delirious just got in some sexy new toys and invites Ava to test drive them with her. Both seated on a bench in the Wasteland dungeon, they enjoy a prolonged mutual masturbation session with smaller insertion and vibration toys, and then much to Ava’s surprise, Mistress pulls out the BIG one! As scary as this thing is, Mistress really knows how to use it and brings Ava to set of screaming orgasms!

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Leanne: Degradation Addict, Never Shot Porn

Leanne Morehead was a swinger. She was so popular at parties that when she missed a few weekends she got a couple of men contacting her to ask if they could see her one-on-one. They said they’d pay her for her time. She started escorting. She was working as an accountant for a construction firm. Six months ago the whoring got so successful that she gave up the day job to go full-time. Leanne realized pretty quickly that she had a USP that other whores either didn’t have or were lying about. She was a through-and-through sub, the kind of sub who craves humiliation and degradation. She marketed herself as such and her bookings went through the roof. She hasn’t looked back. Leanne’s interview contains two particularly good indications of just how much of a submissive slag she is. She says her accountant job involved her bollocking men who went over budget all the time. It left her craving that one of them, any of them, would turn the tables on her, yank her skirt up behind her, and crams his throbbing cock deep into her asshole irrespective of any feeble and fake protestations on her part. Apparently, this is something she would slink into the office toilets to masturbate about. Only a few days before shooting her first-ever porno scene with PSS, one of her regular punters tried to book a session with her. I’m sorry, Leanne said, but I’m just about to head back on the train from London to Wales. How’s about I get to Swindon, jump on your train there and fuck your fucking brains out in the toilets, you cheap slag, he said. She thought that sounded like rather a good idea and that’s what they did. You’d expect Leanne Morehead’s scene to be a corker. It is.

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Brunette Teen Fucked by Machine

Mila Fox is stripped off her pants, rope tied and banged by a machine while she’s bound on a trolley. This way her master can easily repress her orgasms. This update will blow your mind again and again after seeing this update.

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Candice and Lucia: About Time Too

It’s taken us fucking forever. But here it is, ladies and gents – our very first PSS boy-girl-girl scene! And boy do we hit it out of the park. Sent a pic of Candy to Lucia…Yep, I’ll fuck that. Sent a pic of Lucia to Candy. Ditto. Now get yourselves off, ladies. Bit of orgasm control to build it up even more and bang – erupted full-blast at the same time. All of which set things up excellently for the scene itself, which we geared around Candy watching the good doctor massacre Lucia because Candy’s a bit of a voyeur. Got the pair of them to glug down loads of water beforehand to make sure we got loads of squirting action. Pair of them came buckets, fucking loved the whole thing. We do like to please our ladies. Looks like this could become a regular, boys and girls.

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Domestic Discipline

Giselle survived her first encounter with Goddess Starla in, Breaking The New Girl. Now, having performed so well, Goddess Starla has awarded Giselle the honor of some intimate, up close, and personal interaction. The heat turns up as they take things to a spine shaking, heart-stopping level pulling out all the stops and busting out multiple orgasms, double dong, body shaking experience in this week’s update: Domestic Discipline.

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Fisting And Squirting Kinky Lesbian Threesome

School Of Submission: Casey Calvert, Day Four

The final day is upon us and it’s time for Casey Calvert to prove to us how much of a badass she really is! The day begins with proof of the past three days with lots of marks on her breasts, and she is very focused on the final task. The day is designed to prove self worth as the submissive, and today will be one of the most challenging days yet. The bondage is going to be the most extreme that Casey and The Pope have done to date.

The first scene is a progressive bondage position that evolves into a brutal suspension. All of the tying is done on camera, so you get to witness Casey going through the experience as it happens. There are breaks in the bondage for orgasms and torment, but the action never stops. By the end of the tie, Casey is in a brutal suspension that has her completely incapacitated.

The second scene starts with Casey in a standing position. The Pope enters and administers some pussy torment with clamps and weights before turning the standing position into one of the most brutal suspensions that we have ever scene at Kink. He steps back and allows Casey to sit in her discomfort and have that moment to herself, and we are lucky enough to witness this with her. Once she’s had enough, The Pope unties her, which is all on camera, and he takes her to the floor and rips non stop orgasms out of her.

The shoot, and Casey’s four days of School Of Submission, concludes with a very in-depth interview, when we hear all of her thoughts about her journey.

**All 4 episodes of this series:**
[Episode 1](/shoot/102450)
[Episode 2](/shoot/102451)
[Episode 3](/shoot/102452)
[Episode 4](/shoot/102453)

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Schoolgirl Cunt Stretching Threesome

School Of Submission: Casey Calvert, Day Three

Casey Calvert is not an easy egg to crack. She lives BDSM, so it’s going to take more than the usual amount of torment and bondage to deliver her to the next level.

Day Three of any School of Submission challenge is designed to break down the strongest of the strong – the unbreakable Caseys of the world. The intention is not to break them, but rather make them more vulnerable than they have ever been on camera. The Pope designed this method to allow them to have the moment of strength, which allows them to feel comfortable with the idea of letting it all go. This shows Casey’s dedication to the process, as well as her full submission to The Pope, and we get to see the entire process.

Today, Casey is pushed in a physical way that would have most people ready to give up. But she’s too competitive to give in so easily. The pain that comes from the second part of this day is not her tipping point either, but rather the words used by The Pope to encourage her. The confidence that he has in her to succeed shows her how powerful she is. We see that Casey is growing as a submissive, as well as a human. This is one of the most intimate moments ever captured at Kink, and we are proud to share it with all of you.

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Carol: No Holes Barred For Slut Granny

We’ve just picked Carol up in a park. She was celebrating the anniversary of her hubby (George) popping his clogs by sprinkling flowers at the place they used to get jiggy. Sniffing the whiff of ‘Slag Granny’ in the air we’ve (very easily) enticed her back to Andy’s flat with the promise of a little rumpy-pumpy. No idea what kind of sex she gets off on but I don’t care. Almost as soon as she’s sat on the sofa she’s spread her legs (hold-ups, no knickers) and started to frig herself. Whore. I tie my tie round her neck, I slap her face and spit in it, demanding that she carry on wanking. I order the bitch to suck my cock. She can’t wait and gorges on it like she hasn’t had any dick for years. Which she probably hasn’t. Her face is covered in spit from me gobbing on her. And every time I spit on her she lets out a hungry groan. I start to facefuck the whore hard and it’s clear that she’s not really used to it. Her face breaks out in an expression of extreme discomfort but she doesn’t protest one bit, she’s clearly getting off big-time on the way I’m treating her. This is a great scene, guys. Anal all the way and really rough, with Carol, totally adoring our complete disrespect for her and cumming again and again.

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Depraved Schoolgirl Lesbian Gangbang


Julia’s whole body is shaking with pleasure as the machine penetrated her tight snatch, harder and harder with each stroke. Her heavy breathing immediately stopped as one orgasm after the other goes through her whole body. Also, the great thing about it all is getting pounded by a machine is that doesn’t ever get sleepy.

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Avi & Charlotte Fulfill All Fantasies

When sexy horny girlfriends Avi and Charlotte are ready to play they come hard and multiple times! With all the right tongue action on their delicate clits and going four finger deep inside each of their tight pink pussies, you would think those were satisfying orgasms. But these girls take it to another level hopping onto the Sybian and competing to see who cums the loudest. This goes to show these girls just wanna have fun!

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Lisey: Happy Birthday, Mr. Michaels

Lisey Sweet is a 29-year-old nympho who loves playing the slut. She tried swinging with her husband but it never really clicked for them. Literally, too many limp dicks. And then they took a trip to Key West, she shacked up with some bloke who gave her the eye and hubby give his consent to, and everything blossomed from there. Key West became their playground, somewhere they’d visit at least twice a year for Lisey to be Lisey and just fuck as much cock as possible. Oh yeah, and she ended up ditching her highly-qualified (and one would imagine highly paid) research job to become a porn star. Somewhere in the midst of all of this, one night in Key West, she chanced to meet an extremely famous adult entertainment stud by the name of Sean Michaels. And as chance would have it it’s Sean who we’ve got her paired up with today. If only she could actually remember meeting him! No such problem with Pascal White, who remembers working with Sean on his very first professional porn job in Antwerp, Christ knows many years ago, and the advice Sean kindly gave him. Pascal goes into a bit of detail about this at the beginning of the scene. And if all of that weren’t enough, the day we shot was also Sean’s 61st birthday. So we got him a cake, which he duly used in the scene with Lisey, which is a very good scene. She licks a whole lotta cake out of his butt, gets fucked good and proper in her ass, and cums a few times. All worth the wait.

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Sex With Her Ex

When Scarlett Bloom shows up at her ex-boyfriend’s house, she is ready to cause trouble. The first question she asks is if his girlfriend is home. When he says no, she makes her way to his bathroom without speaking another word. There, she changes into some purple, see-through lingerie. Clearly, she is ready to seduce. She sits on his bed, and with a little bit of persuasion, gets her ex to give her some closure with a bit of rough sex. He holds a vibrator to her clit while choking her, mixing pleasure and pain sensations to perfection. Then he holds her nose as he shoves his fat cock down her eager throat. Maybe with a huge splattering of cum all over her face, Scarlett can finally have that closure she needs!

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Depraved Schoolgirl Foursome

Perverted principle Miss Fanny Rugmuncher of the Young Harlots Academy is in charge of advanced studies in filth. Brunette beauty Samantha Bentley and blonde cutie Charlize get disciplined by Miss Rugmuncher whilst busty whore Lexi Lowe watches on. Soon this breathtaking foursome start fucking each other with an array of huge dildos. Hot Stuff!!

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