Alexis Ren Is Begging For The D

Alexis Ren bikini

It has been obvious for a while now, but model Alexis Ren removes all no doubt in the photo below that she desperately wants the D… As in a good dentist.

Alexis Ren mouth

Yes it couldn’t be more clear that Alexis Ren wants a virile Muslim man to come brush her teeth… hard! Unfortunately for Alexis any red-blooded Muslim would be far to busy vigorously pounding her mouth hole with his enormous meat scud to take the time to care for her oral hygiene needs.

Alexis Ren ass

However, on the bright side the powerful thrusts of a massive Muslim manhood have been known to knock a woman’s teeth right down the back of her throat, so Alexis may not have to worry about cavities for long. Especially since women behaving like vapid and vain whores around Muslim men by laying around topless tanning their ass cheeks (as Alexis is doing in the photo above)…

Alexis Ren workout

And wasting time and calories exercising instead of doing field work (as Alexis is doing in the photo above)… Has been linked to both severe facial bruising and far fewer teeth their mouths.