Pleasure, is good

Mila likes to play all kinds of games, also to be tied up by her master. She loves giving herself over to him, to not think about anything but her pain and pleasure she gets from her master. Promotional media: jk105041_full.png jk105045_full.png jk105042_full.png jk105048_full.png jk105043_full.png jk105049_full.png jk105051_full.png jk105046_full.png jk105055_full.png jk105056_full.png jk105059_full.png jk105047_full.png jk105053_full.png jk105044_full.png jk105052_full.png…

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Muscular slave wanked

Serenya has her man slave tied up, gagged and ready to teach him a lesson, so she can enjoy her dirty business with him. First she’s gives him an ass whooping, than she starts to help him a hand. Promotional media: jk106311_full.png jk106321_full.png jk106331_full.png jk106318_full.png jk106322_full.png jk106319_full.png jk106325_full.png jk106323_full.png jk106336_full.png jk106307_full.png jk106328_full.png jk106356_full.png jk106310_full.png jk106344_full.png…

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Cybill Canes Marcelo

Marcelo waits patiently, attached to a cross, till the fearsome Cybill Troy walks in, cutting the air with her swishing cane. She strikes his bare ass and Marcelo flinches and accepts his fate. There is no escape from Mistress Cybill’s destruction of his bare ass. She hits him over and over again. His ass is…

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LUCIA is being trained by her mistresses into a willing street whore. She behaves pretty clumsy and gets a fitting punishment. A good running workout with an anal plug and affixed sluts purse to finish with a sperm swallowing schooling. Duly spat and pissed on she gets tidied up by the ladies and is prepared…


Playtime in Hell

Blindfolded, gagged, and bound in bondage – Can Marcelo be anymore helpless? Marcelo resists the vicious whims of Chartlotte Sartre, Charlotte Sins, and Kay Carter. The Dommes start by spitting on him and smacking him with floggers. They announce a fun game called ‘The Sea Urchin’, which involves seeing how many clothespins they can stick…

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Fist for Fun

Eight gruesome fists and a real cock are tampering with the little asshole a lot. A rose-strut and a vibrating bar are making the ass-cunt talk! Also, Mister P. is having fun with the slave-hole and he fucks him very hard before he is giving him a lesson in cock-sucking on his own hard dick!…

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When it’s Bitches Birthday then her Baronesse is not far. After a small “communal Drink” with the noblest Champagne from the Mistress to celebrate the always horny bitch Lucia’s Birthday, who is usually absent-minded does everything wrong and falls into disgrace. Deeper and deeper penetrates the Dildo up to her Brain and fucks the last…

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Stasi Girl

Stasi Girl or how for a poor Solder an meeting with a lustful slut can went tremendously wrong Promotional media: stasi_004_full.png stasi_001_full.png stasi_005_full.png stasi_002_full.png stasi_006_full.png stasi_003_full.png stasi_007_full.png

Kenzie Madison has been a bad boy and needs to be spanked by Sebastian

Kenzie Madison has been found to require correctional discipline which Sebastian, as head of Boynapped, is bound to deliver. Never shy of his duties, Sebastian has Kenzie over his knee for a prolonged spanking. Not convinced Kenzie has learnt his lesson, he assumes several impossible spanking positions including one very entertaining one suspended from the…

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All that a happy asshole needs is three Ladies with gigantic Dicks, to explore his anal Cave. In the legendary Darkside Club in Berlin-Kreuzberg these wishes came true. Baronessa Carmen Rivera invited her Lady Friends, Bizarrelady Selina and Herrin Blackdiamoond, to a true FISTival of Extremes. Promotional media: faust_004_full.png faust_008_full.png faust_001_full.png faust_006_full.png faust_002_full.png faust_007_full.png faust_003_full.png…

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The Gift

Mistress Bella Bathory is annoyed that her slave Marcelo didn’t bring her a gift. But she is also in a playful mood, so she decides to make slave Marcelo into a literal present. He’ll be wrapped up in a cute little bow and just to keep it secure, Mistress staples the ribbon to his nipples.…

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Gorgeous twink Kenzie Madison is waxed and wanked by master Sebastian!

Hot wax never looked as hot as when it’s covering toned twink Kenzie Madison. Restrained by his wrists, gagged and legs spread apart, Sebastian begins the hour-long hot wax torment dripping stream after stream over Kenzie’s lean torso. Gagged, Kenzie struggles to avoid the pain. Sebastian lowers his signs and starts arousing Kenzie’s already semi…

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GF Jasmine Jae use a poor skinny slave for their pleasure.

The sexy dominatrix Anna De Ville invites her partner in crime Jasmine Jae to take advantage of her submissive boy toy. Punishing him with a good whipping they then give him an unbelievably intense blow job and arse licking before both these strict babes mount him for a seriously rough-riding, wild threesome! Promotional media: _ajs1094_jpeg_full.png…

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Tiny brunette gets tied up

Lilit Sweet gets tied up by her maledom. After playing a little bit, she’ll get fucked by a machine. Come and watch Lilit Sweet enjoy this treatment. Promotional media: dsc01422_full.png jk108155_full.png jk108130_full.png jk108122_full.png jk108131_full.png jk108121_full.png dsc01421_full.png jk108140_full.png jk108167_full.png jk108152_full.png jk108139_full.png jk108185_full.png jk108179_full.png jk108191_full.png jk108125_full.png jk108132_full.png jk108221_full.png jk108133_full.png jk108136_full.png jk108148_full.png jk108195_full.png jk108128_full.png jk108164_full.png jk108199_full.png jk108118_full.png jk108174_full.png…

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Kenzie Tied & Wanked!

Fit Kenzie Madison allows Sebastian to pull back his uncut cock, arousing him all the way to climax. Each time Sebastian holds back as Kenzie begs to be taken over the edge. Desperate to release, Sebastian finally permits the boy to release sending several hot white streams of teen juice over Kenzie’s tight, ripped stomach.…

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Breaking In Charlie Valentine

This session begins with some fresh meat named Charlie Valentine, a tall brunette with a phenomenally sexy body, and an attitude to go with it. Charlie is eager to please and so we pair her up with Tommy Pistol. She begins sitting on her magnificent ass, with her legs spread wide, and her hands above…

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Machine fuck pleasure

In and out with each stroke Lilith moans softly, as her Master’s machine fucks her pussy. Her whole body shook with excitement. Lilith’s hefty inhaling is instantly interrupted as one sexual peak after the other goes through her entire body. Promotional media: jk106490_full.png jk106457_full.png jk106463_full.png jk106455_full.png

Naked on a trolley

Barbara is undressed off her clothes, ball gagged and fucked by a machine while she’s tied up on a trolley. This is way her master can easily subdue her climax. You will lose your mind again and again after seeing this video even after a couple of times. Promotional media: jk105167_full.png jk105172_full.png jk105154_full.png jk105185_full.png jk105179_full.png…

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Leon Gets Bound & Fucked

Innocent, shy, and brand spanking new, Leon West finds himself napped and restrained at the Boynapped house. Unable to release himself, Leon is stripped naked and exposed, but strangely turned on by his nude state. Sebastian wastes no time and starts feeling the vulnerable boy’s naked body. He soon enters Leon’s virgin hole, pounding that…

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Adina Rimers tied up for machine

Adina Rimers gets tied up by her master. As soon as she can’t move her hands and feet anymore, the toys come out to play. Watch Adina enjoy. Promotional media: jk101613_full.png jk101635_full.png jk101615_full.png jk101608_full.png jk101609_full.png jk101623_full.png jk101622_full.png jk101616_full.png jk101617_full.png jk101629_full.png jk101626_full.png jk101627_full.png jk101611_full.png jk101602_full.png jk101638_full.png jk101643_full.png jk101677_full.png jk101605_full.png jk101645_full.png jk101610_full.png jk101600_full.png jk101624_full.png jk101599_full.png jk101614_full.png jk101604_full.png…

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Anal Slut Gets Ready For Her Master

French stunner Anissa Kate runs herself a bath, rubbing her toned body with bubbles seductively. Anissa is soon joined by her Master who uses her as his personal anal slut. Promotional media: scene4_001_full.png scene4_006_full.png scene4_003_full.png scene4_018_full.png scene4_004_full.png scene4_012_full.png scene4_019_full.png scene4_020_full.png scene4_002_full.png scene4_013_full.png scene4_007_full.png scene4_008_full.png scene4_016_full.png scene4_011_full.png scene4_010_full.png scene4_005_full.png scene4_014_full.png scene4_009_full.png scene4_015_full.png

Kenzie & Toby Tied & Abused

You know how incredibly cute boys always hunts in 2’s! How about these 2, Kenzie Madison and Toby Tate, both breathtakingly hot and both so cute you could tie them up and abuse them for hours! That’s what Sebastian did, tied both back-to-back, massaged their ripped, toned bodies, aroused their beautiful cocks, and then jerked…

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Luke Suspended & Flogged

Hot, sexy Luke Desmond finds himself suspended and stretched out as Sebastian takes him to the very edge with a painful, sustained flogging. Hear Luke crying out for more and watch as his stretched body takes lash, after lash. Not content to punish this innocent teen with painful strokes over his stomach, chest and ass,…

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Restrained and machine fucked

In today’s Submissed update this brunette named Ashley Ocean gets machine fucked, vibed, and bound while she’s naked. Her long black hair and skinny figure make the whipping action look more amazing, especially with that ball in her mouth. Promotional media: jk106731_full.png jk106764_full.png jk106758_full.png jk106740_full.png jk106783_full.png jk106762_full.png jk106766_full.png jk106745_full.png jk106773_full.png jk106744_full.png jk106760_full.png jk106741_full.png jk106788_full.png jk106736_full.png…

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Cuckolds get used and then get to watch

Luscious whores Claudia Rossi & Jane Darling dominate their male cuckold slaves before they watch Master comes in and they get a good pounding they wont forget in this breathtaking fetish fuck fest fiasco Promotional media: 03_full.png 16_full.png 02_full.png 11_full.png 07_full.png 09_full.png 01_full.png 10_full.png 15_full.png 14_full.png 13_full.png 08_full.png 12_full.png 17_full.png 06_full.png 05_full.png 04_full.png

Hogtied until she cums

Lilit Sweet gets hogtied as she faces the vibrating magic wand and a whip. Let’s see how Lilit appreciates while having no authority over her own body. Promotional media: dsc01376_full.png dsc01368_full.png dsc01374_full.png dsc01366_full.png dsc01370_full.png dsc01373_full.png dsc01371_full.png dsc01365_full.png dsc01378_full.png dsc01375_full.png dsc01369_full.png dsc01367_full.png dsc01372_full.png dsc01377_full.png

Pain Slut Party

Extreme anal play performer and famous pain slut Marcelo can take pretty much anything, but Mistresses Bettie Bondage and Veronica Vixen definitely push his limits. With a hook in his ass and one Domme tormenting him on each end, Marcelo endures caning, flogging, whipping, CBT and more — and that’s before Bettie and Veronica strap-on…

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Mechanic slut gets used in workshop

A mechanic worker finds his apprentice using a slut in one of the car wrecks. He quickly gets in on the action bringing her into the workshop for a proper going over. Used and DP’ed on the dirty garage floor. Promotional media: slamit_004_full.png slamit_021_full.png slamit_063_full.png slamit_070_full.png slamit_001_full.png slamit_038_full.png slamit_067_full.png slamit_036_full.png slamit_015_full.png

Double Penetration Anal Slut

Stunningly beautiful Valentina Nappi takes on two monster cocks in this erotic hardcore double penetration scene that will leave you breathless. Tantalizing stuff. Promotional media: actionbbg_015_full.png actionbbg_002_full.png actionbbg_005_full.png actionbbg_007_full.png actionbbg_018_full.png actionbbg_003_full.png actionbbg_020_full.png actionbbg_012_full.png actionbbg_006_full.png actionbbg_008_full.png actionbbg_014_full.png actionbbg_013_full.png actionbbg_011_full.png actionbbg_019_full.png actionbbg_010_full.png

Freya the hogtied princess

Freya is an immensely submissive tramp when it comes to surrendering to her male master. Not only a ball in her mouth but also hogtied. This girl is mentally and physically pretty strong. To check out how this amazing episode will end, you have to click on that play button to admire Freya in submissive…

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Master punishes his slut

Curvaceous blonde Anna Joy awaits her master, her round ass lifted in the air with a butt plug shoved deep inside. Soon enough, her large pert ass gets a good stuffing by her masters’ hard cock in this darkly satisfying anal scene. Promotional media: adobebridgebatchrenametemp3analdeb0302_003_full.png analdeb0302_015_full.png adobebridgebatchrenametemp2analdeb0302_002_full.png analdeb0302_020_full.png analdeb0302_009_full.png adobebridgebatchrenametemp4analdeb0302_004_full.png adobebridgebatchrenametemp1analdeb0302_001_full.png analdeb0302_017_full.png adobebridgebatchrenametemp6analdeb0302_006_full.png analdeb0302_016_full.png analdeb0302_018_full.png…

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Mistress Mona Wales has veteran slave Marcelo cuffed to the cross in her dungeon. She starts by tenderizing him with a good, solid flogging to prepare him for her marks, asking him to rate her blows. She wants to be able to judge his pain, to push right to the very edge of his limits.…

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Art of Domination (2 of 2)

The slave gets the task not to cum under the teasing of the mistress, but if he does, he is first whipped and then fucked in the ass. But if he can control himself, he may fuck with his goddess… Promotional media: artofdom_010_full.png artofdom_011_full.png artofdom_013_full.png artofdom_008_full.png artofdom_009_full.png artofdom_012_full.png