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Hot Wife is back with a pussy full of hot cum. She’s got the key to your chastity device and maybe she’ll take your cock out and play with it. She puts her big tits right up next to your caged cock and teases it. She pulls down her pantyhose and rubs her firm round ass on your chastity device. You have to ask nicely and beg for her to unlock your dick. First she wants to be sure you’ve done all your chores – Lke buying her some new sexy lingerie and washing all the nasty cum from other men out of her panties. She unlocks your CB-3000 and She rubs her pantyhose all over your cock and makes you cum. Thats the only time you’ll be cuming this month. So she locks you back up so you can make more cum for her, when she decides to let you.

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CUCKOLD WIFE DIAMOND HAS HER ex-boyfriend, the former captain of the football team, over to meet her loser, but rich, husband. She’d much rather have her boyfriends big cock, But before she fucks him. She’s going to make hubby suck his cock and get it hard for Her. She’s already been fucking her boyfriend and he has to taste all her pussy juice on her boyfriends cock. She puts her pussy, that hubby can’t have, right next to boyfriends big cock and has hubby look at it while he sucks. She rides her ass up and down in front of hubby’s face while he has to suck her pussy juice off boyfriends cock. Cuckold Wife makes hubby get on his knees, wraps her big tits around the back of his head and makes him suck cock until her boyfriend cums all over hubby’s face and mouth.

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Sophia Sweet in DP Fantasy

Dear diary, today I went for a workout, little did I know it would be a harder & hotter one then usual. Basically, two hot guys were having a private training session, I was aching to be a part of! All I want these two studs, Kair Bailey & Coach Cardher, to do is fulfill my most nasty fantasies, use me & shoot a hot batch of cum all over my face! I think I’ll dream that they are both here with me now, and play with myself! OMG dream fantasies do cum true, both of these guys are here with me now… what just happened? OMG there is cum all over my face! Wait, what?

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Jemma Jensen in Sex or Lame Friends?

So Colby Jansen was making plans to go play with his friends but I have a much better idea. I decided to lie here on the bed looking sexy, seductive & delicious in my fishnet stocking & tight red dress, making it pretty clear, what I wanted! Basically, Colby needs to tell his friends to go fuck off cause I need his cock now! So I gave Colby “the look” & he knew right away what time it was. Colby immediately tossed his phone aside, jumped right in & started feasting on my hot pussy. I rewarded Colby’s hard work with a fantastic blow job culminating into the best sex of his life. Now you tell me, going out to play with your lame ass friends, our a hour in the sac with me! Cum on, we both know the answer!

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Ivy’s Initiation

Ivy Thornton is no stranger to the world of BDSM, but being with Julie Simone takes it up to a whole new level. Once Ivy is properly bound, Mistress Julie warms Ivy up by spanking her ass, slapping her tits and pulling and twisting her nipples. She turns Ivy around for some boot worship, followed by spanking, leather and rubber floggers and a long, plastic shoe horn, which leaves nice little marks on Ivy’s bottom. Mistress Julie finishes the scene with 15 solid cane strokes to Ivy’s butt. .

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Ruined Orgasm

The House slave of the mistress is locked for 2 weeks in a chastity cage, he suffers, he begs and when his cock is finally in the hand of the mistress and his horniness makes him completely insane. He has bad luck.

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Electra arrives for an audition she thought was strange… Asking her to wear nothing but a Bikini and some leg warmers… She had no idea how strange it would become! She is transformed into a Robot and Commanded to do Many Pervy Things!

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Teach me the Rules

Lou Lou sneaks in another student from the all-boys school for some filthy fucking but then gets caught by Miss Bardot who pulls out her cane out and gives her a good spanking before proceeding to pull off Lou Lou’s skimpy knickers and turning this into an insane threesome that is sure to have you squirting with excitement!

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“WIFEY KEEPS HUBBY RELAXED, TIED UP AND LOCKED-UP IN THE CLOSET, WHEN SHE GOES ON A DATE. Tonight She drags hubby out to see Her Fuck Her Boy Toy. ““You never get to fuck me so SIT THERE AND SHUT UP WHILE I GET FUCKED.”” She makes you watch her suck another mans cock. She humiliates you while fucking the big cock that you don’t have. She shoves her wet panties on your head AND MAKES YOU WATCH WHILE SHE FUCKS ANOTHER MAN. You are such a loser that will never get to shoot cum in her pussy. But her boyfriend does. When they cum she is going to make you eat her pussy and She’ll wipe up all boy toys cum and her dripping pussy with her panties and shove them in your mouth. ““MAKE SURE YOU WATCH EVERY MOVE I MAKE, CAUSE ALL THIS CUM IS GOING TO END UP IN YOUR MOUTH.””

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Worship mistress

To his shame and my financial advantage, I have declared slave 66 permanently my sissy property. With Sissys and their fuck holes rent mistress can make yes good cash and so my Sissy gets the best training ever before she may expect with freshly made tits defenseless in the hotel tied to a chair her first client.

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Whipping lesbians

At long last Nicole Love runs the whipping show, but fortunately for Tyna Gold the discomfort is worth it. As you can see in this amazing episode, that there are no men involed. Because sometimes variation is just better.

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Chloe Couture – My Sister Likes It Rough

My super cute blond nerdy step sister Chloe had been flirting and hinting at me showing her what hard cock is all about. She innocently wrapped her teen hot mouth around my meat and learned to suck it good. She gasped as I slid my cock inside her tight and very pink teen pussy. She had no idea I was gonna take that pussy hard and rough and I let her know when she needs good meat she can call on my cock anytime.

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New Tits

To his shame and my financial advantage, I have declared slave 66 permanently my sissy property. With Sissys and their fuck holes rent mistress can make yes good cash and so my Sissy gets the best training ever before she may expect with freshly made tits defenseless in the hotel tied to a chair her first client.

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Sissy Education Part 1

To his shame and my financial advantage, I have declared slave 66 permanently my sissy property. With Sissys and their fuck holes rent mistress can make yes good cash and so my Sissy gets the best training ever before she may expect with freshly made tits defenseless in the hotel tied to a chair her first client.

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College Boy Gets Caught Peeping

Strict Matron catches the horny little peeping-Tom from the all-boys school next door and shows him some hardcore disciplinary action! Things get even more out of hand when Miss Judge arrives with her own delinquent student Lady Dee. Both students are taught a lesson in dildo pussy pounding, deep fisting and pure hardcore foursome fucking!

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Tiffany Watson – My Sister Likes It Rough

My sister is ready to fuck, and she likes it rough! For over 2 hours, watch Tiffany Watson, Amara Romani, Chloe Couture, and Anna De Ville get manhandled just the way they like. They’re about to get pounded into submission as we make them cum over and over again. These sexy stepsisters better brace themselves, because we’re going to give it to them hard and rough!

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Dee Williams in Hypnotic Sex

Hi there oh great my delivery, sure I’ll sign here, let me see… the screen on your smart phone is… oh my this screen is making me… making me… really fucking horning. All these weird shapes on your phone is putting me into a wild sex driven trance! All of a sudden I just started touching myself, feeling my big tits…then I grabbed Mookie Jordan, the delivery guy & brought this absolute stranger, right into my bed room! Then right away, I undid his zipper & started sucking his long, beautiful black cock! Much, much more interracial action followed until he shot his hot cum all over my asshole! What’s that? Oh I forgot to sign for the delivery, no problem, bye now! OMFG what just happened?!

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Femm part 3

Even 2 weeks later, the fat slave still has not lost weight, so his training is now intensified in the forest and to the absolute surprise of the useless slave the mistress has also introduced her girlfriend. This training he will certainly never forget.

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Asphalt Island, Part 4: Ella Nova

In the final episode of Asphalt Island, Ella Nova just can’t take anymore. During her isolation, she grows desperate and hungry for sex after having been stranded with only her kinky fantasies. She builds herself a fucking machine out of garbage, and plays both top and bottom for our filthy eyes!

[**“Asphalt Island” SERIES MAIN PAGE**](/series/asphalt-island)

**All 4 episodes in this series:**
[Part 1: Cam Damage & Mike Panic](/shoot/102722)
[Part 2: Daisy Ducati and Ruckus](/shoot/102826)
[Part 3: Natalie Mars and Lance Hart](/shoot/102724)
[Part 4: Ella Nova](/shoot/102547)

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Good Little Fuck Pet

Mistress Mona Wales has Jimmy Broadway up on her table, ready for inspection. She pulls his head to the edge and teases his mouth with her big strap-on cock before fucking his face with it. Finally she sticks it in his mouth and has him show what a good little cock-sucker he is. After her cock has been deep down Jimmys throat she flips him over and starts exploring his back hole. First one finger, then two, she works his hole and his prostate, making him beg for more fingers, beg to stretch him as wide as she can. Mona switches from her fingers to a blue glass toy, sliding it in and out of Jimmy’s now-gaping butthole, all to get him ready for the 9-inch cock strapped to her hips. She has him stroke his cock as she slides the toy in and out, which he obviously enjoys. Faster, harder and deeper she works his little fuck-hole. She replaces the glass with her fingers, massaging his prostate until he almost cums, then she bends him over the table and works her nine-inch dildo into his waiting hole. Jimmy loves to get fucked by a beautiful woman, nice and deep. She pulls out and rubs some of the ass-lube on his cock, then gets back to fucking his ass as she strokes him to the edge. She compares his tiny wiener to her massive strap-on, then dribbles some lube on his ass and fucks him nice and slow. Then Mona fucks Jimmy so hard she makes herself cum, but poor Jimmy will have to wait until next time!

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Femm part 1

The slave is too fat and had been ordered by the mistress to lose 5 kilos. To give effect to her request,
he was locked in the Chastity. The key is only given again when he has lost weight. After control 2 weeks
later, however, he has unfortunately added another 1 kilo. As punishment there is now first the whip and
then he is fucked in his ass.

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Khloe Kapri: Power-Fucked in Strict Bondage

Khloe Kapri is back! This time she’s getting fucked in brutal bondage by Johnny Castle. She sits, tied to a chair in the middle of a dungeon until her captor arrives. Johnny comes in and lays down the law. He punishes this slut for every infraction. He puts her to work sucking his cock, then overwhelms her with all of the stimulation she can handle. He grabs a flogger and inflicts much needed pain for this slut. She must understand that this will not be no walk in the park. Next, Khloe is put in a side-suspension that has all of her holes more than available for Johnny to do as he wants. He takes turns fucking her face and then her pussy as she is starts to break because of physical exhaustion. Johnny continues to throw her around like a rag-doll and fuck the hell out of her. Khloe responds with massive squirting orgasms like any good slut would. In the final scene, Khloe si bound in a doggy position using device bondage to secure her. Johnny goes back to work with the torment until she begs for more cock. He obliges her and power-fucks her pussy until he cums all over her ass.

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Dee Williams in U, Me & A Fucking Machine!

All dressed up & no where to go. I’m wearing this hot red outfit, with black stockings & black high heel shoes, but something came up & my lover can’t be here. It’s really a shame cause my pussy is so, so hungry. Let me tell you, I have been thinking about hard cock all day, I really need to get filled & fucked. I thought a simple phone call would take care of everything, but here we are, alone… But you know, this aint going to stop me from having a good time, I actually have something special, I got it a while back for xmas, to take care of me. It has a little box that controls a whole lot of pleasure & a big dildo that can fuck me. It’s all up to me, I know what my pussy needs, & I’m going to give her everything she wants! It’s time to use my fucking machine! Oh & don’t forget the wand!

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Playtime in Hell

Blindfolded, gagged, and bound in bondage – Can Marcelo be anymore helpless? Marcelo resists the vicious whims of Chartlotte Sartre, Charlotte Sins, and Kay Carter. The Dommes start by spitting on him and smacking him with floggers. They announce a fun game called ‘The Sea Urchin’, which involves seeing how many clothespins they can stick on his cock and balls. They take the game further and give Marcelo clothespin earrings, and nipple clamps. To preventing him from talking one is pinning to his tongue. Next, Kay ties up his balls to make a leash. Mistress Sartre binds his hands. Then, Marcelo endures a relentless barrage of paddles and crops, hitting his already red ass and aching cock and balls. Finally, the Dommes deliver a pegging gangbang with huge dildos and fisting. Having had their fun, they leave Marcelo the way they found him.

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Fist for Fun

Eight gruesome fists and a real cock are tampering with the little asshole a lot. A rose-strut and a vibrating bar are making the ass-cunt talk!
Also, Mister P. is having fun with the slave-hole and he fucks him very hard before he is giving him a lesson in cock-sucking on his own hard dick!
To mark the occasion, the ladies are letting their divine liquids flow en masse – directly inside their object’s extremely wide-opened ass-cunt of their object. Connected with a straw, the slave may now drink everything directly out of his rectum.
Drop by drop fun 4 you!

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