Lady Carmen and Bizarrlady Selina are sent by an agency with a “special Mission” to a shabby hotel guest who stands beside his head-life contents football, beer, and easy sex. However, with this he shoots himself a classical own goal: Without further ado, both ladies overpower the sleazebag. Hardly awakened from his black-out, his real nightmare begins: He finds himself in the middle of monstrous dildos which are rammed bit by bit into his reluctant asshole. A Horse speculum provides for the necessary stretch before half a vegetable garden disappears in his rectum. After the greens have been stuffed in the slaves throbbing Ass, Lady Carmen mixes his overheated butt substantially with her foot. Meanwhile, Bizarrlady Selina gets her Love grotto, with a lecherous ride on a Dildo quite humid. It is brought to an end by serving his agitated insides with swift fisting bringing his prostate gland dancing in ecstasies. Escort Deluxe, Gentlemen!

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Author: fullholes