You are lucky (Or so you think) to have a wife with the greatest ass in the World. Nobody you’ve ever seen has an Ass as amazing as your wife Julie. What’s unlucky for you is that she is secretly tired of you… That she knows you have health problems; In particular a Heart condition, that if you are allowed to Orgasm, there’s a good chance you will pass away . Julie has devised a plan that will help her solve to all her problems, First, it will rid her of you… and Second… It will make her Very Rich. While you are lying in bed relaxing she comes up to you with some Medical Release papers that need to be signed. Before you can read them, she has helped you to scribble your signature onto the forms… Only they are not really Medical Release papers, they are life insurance documents giving her a Ton of Money if you croak!
Now Julie gets to work. First, she warms up your cock getting it nice and hard. She Rubs her hands with her perfectly manicured nails up and down it. She begins the process of Bringing you to the edge of Orgasm. Teasing and Taunting you over and over again. You want to Cum now as she swallows up your Cock whole and deep throats it. You want to Blast your Huge Load into her mouth… She knows what she is doing but she won’t stop! Then she brings out her Ultimate weapon… Her Ass. She Twerks it all up and down your rock hard cock! Then she mercifully decides to end your torment. She makes you Blast your Cum shot all over.

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Author: fullholes