Drained: Part 3

In Part Three of _DRAINED,_ Dr. Mona Wales is disappointed in her subject, Dillon Diaz. He doesn’t seem able to produce all that cum-soaked energy like he used to. But that’s not her only problem. A new test subject known only as Ruckus is learning bad habits from Dillon, throwing Dr. Wales a bunch of back talking bullshit!

Doesn’t he know he is nothing more than an animal to be experimented on? Make that less than of an animal, and more of a cum dumpster.

Mona climbs on top of his cage, dripping water from her mouth, which Ruckus eagerly laps up as best he can with the metal ring gag in his mouth and a clothespin attached to his tongue. Mona slaps Dillon’s nipples. This sick, sorry fuck likes pain. She cuts open his trousers and pulls out his cock which she stuffs into a Cock Pump. Maybe fucking Ruckus deep in his ass will get Dillon producing again? She pumps his cock hard.

To get Ruckus ready he is suspended upside down, bound in rope. Dillon is also bound tight with rope, placed kneeling in front of Ruckus’ cock. Mona flogs Dillon first, no pleasure without pain. He hungrily sucks on Ruckus’ rod. A suspended sixty-nine. Ruckus in turn wraps his lips around Dillon’s growing member. Mona tongues Ruckus’ exposed butthole and guides her subjects to suck and lick in the proper configurations. Then with both men flat on their backs, Mona straddles Dillon’s face with her wet, furry pussy.

Ruckus’ turn is next. Mona straddles him for some pussy licking while she and Dillon slurp and suck Ruckus’s cock and balls. Once Diaz gets Ruckus’ cock hard he slides his own big, hard cock into Ruckus’ fuckhole. This doesn’t mean Ruckus can ignore Mona’s pussy. Diaz takes his turn getting assfucked by Ruckus before Ruckus is ordered back on Dillon’s cock. Mona then climbs on top of Ruckus for a nice fuckhole sandwich. Mona wants more, so she climbs on top of Dillon then orders Ruckus to enter her from behind. Two cocks in one wet pussy hole. Once Mona is satisfied it’s time to see how much Ruckus can produce. She wraps her lips around his cock while Dillon pounds his ass from behind. Success! Ruckus blows his load across Dr. Wales’ tongue, lips and hand. When Dillon jacks off in both Wales and Ruckus’ mouth, she knows her job is secure for another week at least.

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