“I AM GOING TO MAKE YOU CUM IN A WAY YOU NEVER HAVE BEFORE!” You are so innocent and shy…Your step-sister Jillian thinks you are never going to get a girlfriend. She wants to corrupt you!
“You’re such a Nerd! “ She says. You are a virgin and she says she decides she is going to help you out. “What if your step-sister gives you a blowjob? What would you do? I bet you would like that you little Perv.” Jillian takes control of your cock. When you get to excited she sticks her feet in your face… Then sticks her Tits in your face… Then she sticks your cock in her mouth! Then she decides to experiment, she decides to make you Cum in a way she never has done before… WITH HER KNEES… A KNEE JOB!!!

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Author: fullholes