The Ass Checkers (1 of 5)

„You MAY COME again“, this is what the numerous slave candidates who are checked by the juror’s lady Carmen and Fetish Liza for „heart and bowel“, hope to hear. Candidate 1 already fails with the “Heel Fuck” and his hanging worm gets the thumbs down from the ladies quite fast. Candidate 2 reveals his internal values with an extreme fist-stress test. Juror mister P. personally fucks his butt hole to get a deeper insight into his insides. After the same slave cheats himself into the next show, he is unmasked pitilessly by a monster prick. Notice: „He who wants to take the piss out of the jury, may consider himself as (ass) fucked …“ The last candidate No. 3 makes sure that in the weird finale, everybody gets their money’s worth: Blowjob, licking education, foot eroticism, spit-roasting, and with a cool fucking he also revs the ladies up until the sperm begins to spurt. And the Winner is Casting X-treme!

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Author: fullholes