Strangers in a Bar: Vanessa (2 of 2)

Part 2 of a scene from our new feature, Strangers in a Bar. [It’s a fantasy, do not try this at home!]

Two women with horrible boyfriends meet at a bar and vow revenge. Inspired by the classic Hitchcock movie, Strangers on a Train, they decide to punish each other’s bad boyfriends. Vanessa has the assignment of tormenting Kay’s cheating boyfriend Mike. She picks him up at Starbucks, easily talks the horny guy into bondage, and then turns on him, going full Fatal Attraction mode and talking about how he’s her soulmate and they’re going to get married, all the while smacking him with a crop and cane.

Once Mike’s butt and thighs are good and red, she whips out a dildo and makes him suck it. Then she dons a strap-on, declares it’s “time to make love” and proceeds to peg him every which way. Will Mike escape before she sends those selfies she’s been talking to all his friends?

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Author: fullholes