Dominant Dinner Plans

Sofie Reyez understands what a big favor our stud is doing her by letting her live at his place, so she is more than willing to meet his needs when he lays them out for her. From here on out, he is going to fuck her whenever he wants, wherever he wants. They shake on it, and the next thing you know, he is having his morning coffee with a sloppy blowjob from sexy Sofie. Next, he is sliding his cock inside her juicy pussy while she studies. But when he and Sofie sit down for dinner, things get extra dominant. He bends her over the table and pummels her tight twat, slapping her ass hard while he ravishes her. Then, he fucks her throat and blasts a huge load all over her face. Sofie is one hell of a roomie.

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Author: fullholes