It’s been a long time in coming… and Victoria still can’t believe she is going actually to do it. She has put a plan into place to get her Step-Brother to provide her with everything she needs and wants in her life. Now she is about to take the final step to achieves her greedy goals. Most sisters would not dare to do what Victoria is about to. Victoria is going to fuck the daylights out of her Step-Brother.

Step-Brother’s cock slides easily into the forbidden pussy of his Step-Sister. It is so wet! It’s like she has been waiting for this moment all of her life. She doesn’t hold back either; she entices her step-brother to fuck her hard while she is on her back… then pounds her pussy while she is in the Doggy Position! Victoria has Orgasm after Orgasm! She rides him hard, causing her Giant Titties to bounce like Basketballs as she orgasms again! Finally Step –Step-Brother can’t hold back and he unloads a massive Creampie Deep into her Pussy!

Now Victoria has him exactly where she wants him… She knows that her Step-Brother will now be enslaved to her Pussy and give her whatever she wants. Her life of Luxury has begun.

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Author: fullholes