Hoch das Bein (3 of 5)

Momentarily, Baronessa is staying professionally in Switzerland.  So to counter a lonesome and boring night at the hotel, she orders a really hot piece of fuck meat.  Baronessa Carmen gets her little five-dollar-bitch horny as hell with lots of lube and lots of toys.

Soon that little shy virgin transforms into a feisty fist fuck.  The tender ass pussy turns into an insatiable XXL anal grotto due to vigorous stretching.  A mega load of premium champagne with noble origins briefly cools the bowels before the hard stuffing of the horny
fuck hole continues.

Baronessa’s fist is dancing through her self-made
horny bowel palace again and again. All this fun is rewarded with proper prostitute’s pay:  an ass full of cash, exact change in small bills!

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Author: fullholes