Dungeon Dream (Part 1 of 2)

From our XBIZ Fetish Release of the Year award winner, Corrupted by the Evils of Fetish Porn. Nerdy editor Alice (Kasey Warner) has gotten fired from her job editing infomercials through no fault of her own. Broke and desperate, she agrees to edit porn. But when she gets her first assignment, she finds herself getting turned on by the material. So much so, she gets herself off, falls asleep, and has an interesting dream:

She’s helpless, attached to a cross as the two bosses who fired her (Jimmy Broadway and D.Arclyte) abuse her, attaching clamps to her nipples and screaming at her about how worthless she is. But then — zap! Bella Bathory makes a superhero entrance and suddenly, the tables are turned. Alice’s tormentors are now naked and all fours, while the two women sport strap-on harnesses and impact toys. They start by making the embarrassed guys give them a strap-on blowjob. Then, they gleefully spank and flog their butts until they’re good and red. And they’re just getting started! (Part 1 of 2)

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Author: fullholes