Lady Estelle – Sexual Dependence (2 of 4) “Teasing”

The announcement for the 24/7 slave was that he is today finally allowed to fuck with me, yes even about Cumshot in the mouth was the speech, so the slave was horny like never before and his giant dick was hard like Steel. As the last proof of his devotion, he must give me his ass that i can fuck him first with the strapon, He moans and suffers and can not think about how the fuck soon will be. But Unfortunately, that works not as planned by him cause first he must lick me to my orgasm Mistress and then i fuck his mouth to my next orgasm. fucks his mouth. After 2 Orgasms I feel pressure in my Body and the next toilet is far away, but for what has Mistress a slave. Yes, I know he does not like that at all and he dot want so in this case helps to discipline only the bullwhip. Completely horny from this degradation the slave wants to shoot now finally his load. But what he was not expected that I bring one other Playtoy, my Rubber Whore, into the game and order him to suck of the cock of my slave and swallow everything! Now I am satisfied. (2 of 4)

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Author: fullholes