Tall Leggy Lesbians Fight Then Fuck

This one is all about the tall girls! Ashlee Juliet is towering over Sofie Marie. Sofie stands 5’9, Ashlee is 6’0. With all these legs, you know you’re going to see some amazing leggy scissor fucking. Sofie Marie is tenacious with the pussy licking in this match. She just ran a half marathon and all the working out get’s her pussy wet and ready for a pretty girl’s face. Ashlee Juliet is a beautiful, exotic young lady who love MILFs like Sofie Marie. She just melts the second a pretty MILF sticks her face on her pussy. These girls don’t know much about wrestling but they sure do know how to stack their pussies on top of each other and grind each other to orgasms. This match is very close. The winner strap on fucks the loser, makes the loser take the dildo cock deep down her throat while the winner does pushups on the loser face. The winner then gets a footjob from the loser and face sits her until the winner cums over and over again. Then the winner lesbian trib fucks the loser and leaves her on the mats like a lonely piece of trash.

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Author: fullholes