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2 years ago

My girl friend Stevie and I were driving down this old country road when we saw this hitchhiker bum thumbing for a ride This wouldn’t be the the first time we picked up a bum and gave him a ride, a hot meal and a good time. He really had no where to go so we took him to our Hotel room, he was cute and seemed interesting so we asked him to take his pants down ,then we smelled his balls and directed him straight to the bathroom, we scrubbed him good with a brush up and down his asshole to his balls lol got him good and clean as you can tell by now we were going to have our way with the man and we did, he licked our pussy’s and we sucked his cock I couldn’t stand it any more and needed to get fucked so I had him ram fuck me and squirt his cum all over my hands then licked it all up –  (Video) 

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