Emma Stone Loves Showing Her Ass In A Thong

Emma Stone thong lingerie

As you can see from the photo above, Academy Award winning actress Emma Stone loves showing off her taut ginger ass in a thong.

Emma Stone see through thong

Emma even recently went as far as to wear a see through gown on the red carpet just so that she would be able to flaunt her butt flossing panties.

Emma Stone blowjob

Of course any woman who wears anything other than a coarse wool full body stocking (underneath a thick black burka) is a brazen whore. However, for Emma to gleefully wear undergarments that accentuate her sinful feminine sexuality just goes to show how much of a degenerate gutter skank she is, and why she would choke on a dick until her eyes water causing her mascara to run in the photo above.

Clearly the only thing Emma Stone needs stuck between her ass cheeks is an IED so that she can be blasted down into her the eternal hellfire before she further torments us with her sickening depraved ways.