Selena Gomez Blows Out Her Knees Giving BJs

Selena Gomez nightie

Selena Gomez is going all out to rekindle her fading music career as she just released a new single, began lebodyking with Justin Bieber again, and of course has been no doubt sucking off every important record producer, promoter, and sound engineer in the music industry.

In fact, Selena has made no secret of her degenerate ways as she posts video clips like the one above of her “waiting to” polish the knob of the next music exec that may help her regain the spotlight.

Selena Gomez upskirt

Unfortunately for Selena this heavy cock sucking workload has taken its toll on her body. For as you can see in the photo above, Selena has spent so much time on her knees in recent weeks that her kneecaps have become a battered bloody mess, and her hair has turned white from all the dried spunk being shot into it.

However, if any whore can power through this sort of physical trauma it is Selena Gomez. For back in the day in Tijuana she famously pulled triple shifts when the other girls at the donkey show came down with a nasty case of the Spanish Flu.